Neuroscience LUISTERBOEK Tooltip Memory Improvement, Neuroplasticity, and Mind Mapping

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  • 9781094216607
  • december 2009
  • Verteller: Eric Boozer | Verteller: Weston Gritt | Verteller: Angie Negus
  • Speelduur: 05:23:14
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These are 5 neurological books with different subtopics. Here is an overview:

Book 1: Neuroplasticity - Our cerebrum gets damaged. We all know it. It either happens physically or psychologically, and both are intertwined. And therefore, the brain has to compensate for what has happened to it. New connections between neurons are shaped, and these stimulate action. But what if you could influence this process to make it run more smoothly and benefit your life?

Book 2: Men's Brains - It is no secret that a male's brain is different from a female's brain. And although every person is different anyway, there are some generalizations that are true for the most part. The question is: Why would you need to know about this anyway? Well, first of all, if you know about these things, you can save yourself a lot of frustration.

Book 3: Memory Improvement - You will be amazed at the things you'll hear. In this guide, the author made sure that all the quick tricks and long-term strategies that work are listed. You will hear about various topics that cover the most important things you should do to improve your memory.

Book 4: Emotional Intelligence - You may have heard of emotional intelligence. You may have even learned a little bit about it. This audiobook, however, can take you to the next level of understanding what to do with the neural processes in your brain and how to channel them to gain more control over yourself and your situation.

Book 5: Mind Mapping - Mind mapping is not a new concept. It has been proven by academic studies and psychological research to be one of the best techniques to remember information for a test in college, business presentations, or to develop the abilities of your memory, period.


  • 1. Eric Boozer, Weston Gritt - Neuroscience



december 2009



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Memory Improvement, Neuroplasticity, and Mind Mapping

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