New Concepts for Business and Humanity A New Paradigm Shift in Global Consciousness Is Needed for the Environment and Business to Co-exist

New Concepts for Business and Humanity
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781425775810
  • oktober 2007
  • 136 pagina's
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This book emphasizes that by the year 2009, the impact of climate change will be noticed by all and that a possible global crisis may developperhaps no later than 2025. It explains that since global warming is man-made, humanity has no choice but to adjust its lifestyle, reduce its ecological footprint, and also restore the ecology in order to avoid possible catastrophic climate change. Companies will have to play an important role in resolving this situation and may need to review their direction; if need be, companies may have to take the lead and act without the support of their respective governments. While organizations may in some cases already have taken a leading role, there is not yet sufficient action taking place to combat climate change.

While the information in this book contains a brief overview of the possible events for the next twenty years, it also holds the key which is needed to change human consciousnessdirectly addressing the main aspects of human consciousness that are the cause of many planetary imbalances.

The author decided to publish this material, which she received late 2004, because of a looming planetary crisis. Some of the timelines predicted in the book are now beginning to emerge.

Many organizations can play a major role in making changes to support the environment and can in the endperhaps more so than governmentscreate the solution to an enormous global problem. Those in leading positions can be a step ahead. It may be in their interest to do soto be competitive as part of a new, ecologically more aware future.

There is a trend in business whereby people are proactively looking for solutions; while there may be technical solutions available for some aspects of this emerging crisis, innovation is required to implement solutions back into the production process and into society.

Within each person already resides a unique, very creative and innovative part that may be of assistance. Each person has access to this innovative part within which has answers and solutions to any situation in life. This innate part is often able to express itself in people with very good creative ability or people with a special gift and is available to everyone who wishes to find it. In this book an example is shown of how this creative and innovative part could become a resource for business.

This part is sometimes called the true self, your authenticity, or your own innate uniqueness. For those who wish to explore this part, a method which is briefly outlined in this book, may be beneficial. This unique method, called exchange of awareness, utilizes the persons self through a process that may be of assistance. It includes an example of how to apply this method in personal relationships and in the workplace environment, such as when staff members are not in alignment with a companys general objectives. The true self or innate uniqueness knows what is required in any situation and may be of help by providing further insights.

More care and caring procedures are needed to be applied by humanity. The book provides examples of care (or lack thereof) in the context of both business and personal relationships. It shows where care is often lacking in a business process, such as sales. It includes some sample conceptual ideas about implementation of care. These care concepts, which are a major issue, are often absent in todays society and need to be implemented in any organizational structure, such as a business, hospital, or educational facility to improve functionality and outflow. Through implementation of care principles, there may be an improvement in the outflow of people and the structures they take part in with benefits for all of life and society at large.



oktober 2007
Aantal pagina's
136 pagina's


Mia Den Haan Mia Den Haan
Mia Den Haan



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