No Suffering A Voice Crying Out from the Heart-Land

No Suffering
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781469162058
  • februari 2012
  • 198 pagina's
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What is this book about? In general, it's about words. Large words. Short words and long. Simple words. Strange words, and of course, descriptive words. Words with little or no meaning on their own, and "loaded" words; Those which can trigger an instant emotional response in the reader. It's about the marrying of words. Their progeny being those mind-soul constructions we call ideas and concepts, some of which are easy to comprehend, while others confound. And, if everything was aligned when the marriage occurred, their offspring can be profound. Thus, at it's core, No Suffering is about a search for The Real and The True, the "bottom-line."
This book is most certainly, me. However, it is also about you, and for you. It is about the past, while also looking wide-eyed into our collective future. And most importantly, it is about this rather strange, amorphous place called "the now." It speaks to the moments within each moment; Those special, seemingly timeless spaces, where unseen aether-residing "things" fertilize and condition our forever-longing Hearts and our expansive Souls.
More specifically, No Suffering contains selected poems that were composed over the last twenty-odd years, whenever, and only whenever, my muse woke me. The subject matter of most of these poems speaks urgently about our now precarious Human "Condition." They attempt to elucidate the connections between the "inner-world" of the individual, and mass-psychologies and group-dynamics, and show the causal effects that flow from these relationships as they play-out in the world we all live in, and ultimately share.
Further, I offer these compositions in the spirit of sharing In Brotherhood and Sisterhood. My intention is not to raise anger nor cause upset in the reader/seeker; But rather to give him or her a vehicle which encourages contemplation, and deeper (than usual) thinking concerning those fundamental things that make us truely "Human." Finally, it is also my intent to entertain the reader; Providing a solace too, if that is what is needed. And last, but by no means least: No Suffering, this humble little book, is my one and only Shot-In-The-Dark at changing the world, for the better, and for all.
Along with the author's love of words and language, his other major creative outlet is the creation of visual artworks, both paintings and sculpture. He is also a Deep Researcher with special interests in "forbidden" archeology and the hidden history of the human race, along with the interrelated interests in national and worldwide factual-conspiracies; Tying all this together, (and from a personal experience) is the author's interest in Ufology, especially his interest and concern regarding possible Alien agendas on earth. He is also a proponent of natural and alternative healing modalities.
The author earned and holds University degrees in both Education, and Law. Ultimately though, his work is that of a Truth-seeker; And then, a reporter of what he has found to ring, and be, True.


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