Nuclear Weapons Encyclopedia: The Effects of Nuclear Weapons (Glasstone and Dolan Reference on Atomic Explosions), Nuclear Matters Handbook (Practical Guide to American Nuclear Delivery Systems) EBOOK Tooltip

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  • oktober 2012
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This unique compilation of two vital national security documents provides an encyclopedic review of nuclear weapons.

EFFECTS OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS: The widely-acclaimed definitive standard reference book on nuclear weapons: the final, third edition of the authoritative Department of Defense text compiled by Samuel Glasstone and Philip Dolan. Every aspect of nuclear explosions is fully detailed - the immediate blast, thermal radiation, radioactivity and fallout, EMP, radio and radar effects, biological damage and the effect on people, plants, and animals, and much more. It includes the practical and scientific analysis of underground and atmospheric tests, as well as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.


Newly expanded and revised for this 2011 fully-illustrated professionally-formatted ebook edition, this is an authoritative guide to American nuclear weapons providing an indispensable reference to all facets of the history and current status of the nuclear arsenal, plus background data on bomb design and weapons effects. The Nuclear Matters Handbook is an expanded and revised version of the earlier Nuclear Matters: A Practical Guide ebook. It can be read cover to cover for those who seek to understand the U.S. nuclear program in its entirety, and can also be used as a reference source to look up useful facts and information concerning specific areas. The book is divided into chapters and appendices; the chapters present an overview of the U.S. nuclear program as a whole, while the appendices provide supplementary information on related topics for those less familiar with the subject matter. Chapter 1 - Nuclear Matters History and Policy * Chapter 2 - Stockpile Management, Processes, and Organizations * Chapter 3 - U.S. Nuclear Force * Chapter 4 - Nuclear Command, Control, And Communications System * Chapter 5 - Nuclear Safety and Security * Chapter 6 - Countering Nuclear Threats * Chapter 7 - U.S. Nuclear Infrastructure * Chapter 8 - International Nuclear Cooperation * Appendix A - Nuclear Weapons Council and Annual Reports * Appendix B - International Nuclear Treaties and Agreements * Appendix C - Basic Nuclear Physics * Appendix D - U.S. Nuclear Weapons Life-Cycle * Appendix E - Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Testing * Appendix F - The Effects of Nuclear Weapons * Appendix G - Nuclear Survivability * Appendix H - Classification * Appendix I - Programming, Planning, and Budgeting * Frequently Asked Questions * Glossary / Acronym List

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