Occupy Money


Creating an Economy Where Everybody Wins

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  • september 2012
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As a medium of exchange, money is one of the most ingenious inventions of mankind, as it facilitates the trade of goods and services and allows for specialisation and the division of labour. However, compound interest and inflation have caused our monetary system to balloon to the point where bailing out banks, large corporations, and even entire countries will not prevent a complete breakdown of the global economy unless we change the system in fundamental ways. It is time for a grassroots movement to knock conventional money off its pedestal and replace it with a fresh paradigm that puts people before profits. A guide not only for the 99% but also for the 1%, this book demonstrates that the creation of a stable and sustainable monetary system will reflect real wealth rather than the smoke and mirrors of speculative profit, thus providing an alternative to the Age of Austerity. This vision can be realised through such creative initiatives as: Establishing time banks and complementary currencies geared to specific services such as health and education; Eliminating interest through interest-free loans and demurrage, which rewards currency circulation; Re-localising economies through regional currencies. For many years financial insiders have hidden economic truths by describing them in arcane terms that no layperson can understand. The book uses clear, simple and concise language to explain how money will serve people instead of people serving money, and in doing so it issues a challenge to the very foundations of conventional economic doctrine.


We can create a money system that is the ally, and not the enemy, of all that is precious in the world. We can assign value in a way that is aligned with our emerging consciousness that the welfare of all depends on the welfare of each: each person, each species, all of life on Earth. We can make money into something we can truly embrace as ours. That, I think, is the heart of the call to occupy money. --- Charles Eisenstein, from the Foreword

In a world drowning in a tsunami of unrepayable debt, Margrit Kennedy's timely book provides a geography of hope for practical new money systems that will ensure the rebuilding of new resilient economies of well-being and happiness. In her characteristic plain-language, Margrit shows us alternative solutions from around the world to the current usury-debt-money system; these are the seeds that need to be planted in the new economic spring of well-being that is emerging.Mark Anielski, Economist and Author, The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth


Margrit Kennedy
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ePub met kopieerbeveiliging (DRM) van Adobe
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september 2012

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