Of Course You May Indulge Yourself...

Of Course You May Indulge Yourself...
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  • april 2013
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The poems carry the weight of a million poems, I wrote from my heart. To readers of my writing I hope that the poems take you to places that I have journeyed and beyond. Places where no man would rather go, places where everyone wish that they may get the opportunity to go. These are places in our lives wherein we have lost loved ones, places wherein we have celebrated and been celebrated. Allow yourself to be taken on a journey of discovery, a journey of finding your inner peace, a journey that allows you to lay everything bare and not feel ashamed. This book is meant to allow people to realise that we are more than we think or know we are. There are times when we are going to surprise our lives by the revelation of our capabilities. This book touches a little bit on who we think we are, who we become and how we become. And for those who are their own best friends, this book is for you. It is going to make you laugh and cry all at the same time. It attempts to answer silly and funny questions most of us have but never ask. There is no greater jot than writing because there you write what you feel and how you feel. Writing is liberating it sets you free from your own cage it allows you to talk in written words thereby releasing whatever you need to in a written format, it simply serves as therapy. I dont know whether it is me but writing is also a way of exhaling, writing gives me the freedom to let my mind go wild. When I am writing I dont have to worry much about what I see but writing is more about what goes on in the inside of a person. When you want to know about a person let them write about themselves as opposed to letting them say it. In writing the emotions are there for an indefinite period, no one change them. Therefore the poems in the book all reflect a certain season in my life. These are seasons of love, joy, peace, loss, despair, gratitude, change, encouragement and other seasons I am unable to explain. The poem which one is stronger, questions what most people question after they have been through a certain storm in their lives. Most people have been through pain and it is important how they overcame the storm. I remember when I had tuberculosis, I told my mother that I wonder what is God thinking of my condition, at the time I couldnt eat, all my clothes did not fit me. My mother just looked at me and said that God is not worried about our physical appearance he is more worried about what is inside of us and that for as long as what is inside is in good order the outside can change and God will not be moved. This is the point where I realised that we all need to have a strong inside and that is the part of our being that needs nourishment and then it will manifest on the outside which is our physical body. Prayer Warrior, reminds of all those who pray without seizing. There are people who are praying for a better world and there are those who pray for specific things and you find that you are freed from a certain situation and you are left wondering how it happened. These are people that are known and most importantly that we do not know and never even get a chance to meet them. This poem is for all those people. Secret Place, maybe I wrote this one because I have been staying by myself from the age of eighteen years. To me that has been a blessing, although many people use to worry how I managed, somehow I was never alone. I have always had somebody staying with me, I do not know the name of that person but he has never leaved me nor forsaken me. I still stay alone and I must confess I have never been lonely. To me the secret place is that place that I only know of, the place where I reflect on my life, have the important talks with myself. To me the secret place is the place where I go, there I get naked and look at my life, make important decisions about myself. The Secret Place does not have human interference or human influence, discussions th



april 2013
Aantal pagina's
32 pagina's
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