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Auteur: Will Eno
Uitgever: Oberon Books
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781849436281
  • juni 2012
  • Adobe ePub
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Five short plays by Will Eno: "Behold the Coach, in Sorrow, Uninsured', "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rain', "Enter the Spokeswoman, Sideways', "The Bully Composition' and "Oh, the Humanity'

The five short plays that make up Oh, the Humanity and other good intentions move toward feeling by way of thought, and toward gratitude by way of loss. These largely sane plays feature people alone or in pairs, or both, attempting to present themselves in the best light, or ultimately, desperately, in any light. Inadvertently vulnerable, or unconsciously callous, or both, the characters here realize they are stuck in a body, and try to put the best face on it. They are, at times, like all of us, unsure of who they are, what they want, what exactly they're on the way to. Is it a funeral or a christening? Is it both or neither? Though this might all seem hazy and conditional, it might all in fact be painstaking and absolute. This is life, for the Problematical Animal.


If you've ever had an urge to drop to your knees begging can somebody help me please? or wanted to admit I don't know, I just don't know, then these five playlets by New Yorker Will Eno are for you Eno is a supreme monologist, using a distinctive, edgy blend of non-sequiters and provisional statements to explore the fragility of our existence, the way we determinedly cling on even when the rug is disintegrating thread by thread, gone before it can be pulled from underneath us. There are a lot of words, but they are always exquisitely chosen [ Oh, the Humanity ] reveals that we are beautiful walking tragedies blinking with absurd optimism into the camera lens of history. Guardian Funny and tragic and truthful. What s On Stage Behind them all lies a true and very understanding and sympathetic, almost loving, picture of humanity. The writing is beautiful thought-provoking and entertaining - for there is laughter as well as sadness British Theatre Guide Horrifyingly insightful writing... one of the most understatedly invasive productions I have seen, that leaves you both comforted and refreshed yet as existentially confused as ever before.... has that rare theatrical gift of perfect balance in all areas. It adeptly manages contradictions in style, script and intentions. And it is that understanding of balance that makes it the most transparently human. 5 stars A Younger Theatre For the uninitiated, Oh, The Humanity provides a perfect introduction to [Eno s] work Made up of five short plays, this is stripped back drama that is all about rich dialogue and big ideas. What s On Stage Eno takes emotive topics mass death, loneliness, failure and plays pranks with our perceptions. Financial Times Will Eno s series of short plays function like streams of consciousness, hyperreal vocalisations of the rambling, irrational, uncertain and sometimes mad thoughts that incessantly rumble through our brains startlingly reveals just how many little lies and omissions cloak our everyday conversation, leaving his lines unsettlingly naked by comparison. Exuent

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Adobe ePub


Will Eno
Oberon Books

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