Jack Reacher (One Shot Fti)

A Jack Reacher Novel, Volume 09

Taal: Engels
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Auteur: Lee Child

Uitgever: Groothandel - Rh
  • Engelstalig
  • 496 pagina's
  • Film tie-in
  • 9780857501196
  • juli 2011
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A lone gunman unleashes pandemonium when he shoots into a crowd of people in a public plaza in Indiana. Five people are killed in cold blood, shot through the head. But he leaves a perfect trail of evidence behind him, and soon the local police chief tracks him down. After his arrest, the shooter's only words are, 'Get Jack Reacher for me.' What could possibly connect this psychopath and the wandering dropout ex army cop?


Jack Reacher is irresistible Observer Hot, indomitable... knockout New York Times The thing about Lee Child's books is that you can't put the damn things down Independent on Sunday Child's strengths are fast-moving dialogue and gripping action sequences ... The excitement lasts from the first to the final page Evening Standard The Jack Reacher series of thrillers...are all hugely exciting, and knowledgeable about weapons and technology. They exude a powerful sense of right and wrong ... We've seen him as a right of wrongs and always as God's gift to women Literary Review

Reviews Jack Reacher (One Shot Fti)

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  • Very intelligent page turner
    • Fantasierijk
    • Meeslepend verhaal
    • Goed plot
    • Spannend
    • logica deductie instinct ervaring
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    This thriller finds Jack Reacher (JR) in Indiana, the heartland, a word repeated throughout the book. When he sees a TV-report about a killing spree there with 5 fatalities and hears the name of the suspect, JR travels north and west from Miami, by bus. He arrives on the scene 48 hours later.

    What follows is a brilliantly-plotted police procedural full of twists and turns. And a rendez vous with a former lover, and the need to keep the lid on a big scandal. Soon the local police starts a manhunt for JR, and he in turn eludes arrest while figuring out who is behind all this, and who can be trusted and who not in this town.

    This novel is marvelously plotted and is compulsive reading. Every chapter ends with a cliff hanger. The ultimate villains and their leader are a ruthless lot indeed.

    For readers unaware of JR, he hails from a military family and spent all his life in the army as a brilliant MP investigator, until he was axed in a major downsizing operation. Ever since he roams America without luggage, mobile phone, buying new clothes every four days, living on his severance pay. No roots, no rest. In some of the earlier adventures he drifted into, he was paid. For this exploit, already short of money, he was not.
    Wonderful escape reading for males chained to routine jobs and lots of monthly installments to live for. Woman readers find JR attractive too, because he is courteous towards them and because current and former lady friends prove loyal associates.

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Lee Child
Overige betrokkenen
Dick Hill
Oorspronkelijke titel
One Shot
38x178x113 mm
264,00 gram
juli 2011

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