Organisation The Cognitive Truth Method: Organization Strategies, Cleaning & Life Management

Auteur: Bethany Joyson
Taal: Engels
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  • Paperback
  • 9781530428953
  • maart 2016
  • 272 pagina's
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Regain Control of Your Mind & Life - Unleash the 'Cognitive Truth' Method Today!

Now In Its Third Edition!

Are you surrounded by disorganisation, inconsistency and clutter? Unable to efficiently execute small daily tasks or realise big long term ambitions? Do your goals seem impossibly distant dreams? Is your world lop sided in which parts are on a high and others on a permanent low? Dread going home to the physical and emotional mess that awaits you? Feel like you've no control over much of what happens in your day?

Do you want to change your life starting now? Understand what's actually going on and gain the clarity of mind that comes from an ordered life? Become more productive, efficient, present and successful in your personal and professional life?

When you purchase Organisation: The Cognitive Truth Method: Organisation Strategies, Cleaning and Life Management you’ll learn that real organisation is first an emotional and intellectual decision which then leads to physical choices.

Using the ’Cognitive Truth' method, you'll learn linking the act of organisation to your most aspirational emotions will transform it from a forced, tedious and jarring chore into a free flowing act of self-expression at which to be successful therefore all we have to do is the very easy, natural, intuitive and human task of being our self! And who can't do that!?

That in effect, the effort to organise is one to self identify and this will be a journey of self discovery first and thereafter one to intuitively personalise your world.

Organisation is vastly more than skin deep. We have an emotional relationship with the stuff around us and acknowledging, understanding and redefining this relationship will take care of our level of organisation automatically. Reorder your mind and the world around you will reorder itself in line with your intuitive personality. The answers lie within you.

You'll clearly see that your life is in your own hands and one simple act of organisation with the correct mindset and relevant follow up actions can be the start of an amazing journey that can take you wherever you wish to go personally and professionally!

Undertaking this transformational journey will yield many benefits as you'll learn which alongside others include:

  • Greater Emotional Balance
  • A Physically Healthier Life
  • Greater Productivity
  • More Success
  • Rediscovering Self Identity
  • Enhanced Freedom & Control
  • Personal and Professional Growth
  • Heightened Presence

However, this book will do more than just enlighten you on how to ‘tidy up’. It'll help you to do the mental groundwork required to ensure your efforts are genuinely transformative and permanent and offers insight into how other building the correct systems, safeguards and habits as a result will ensure it becomes almost impossible for you to ever slide back into past behaviours again.

This book helps you get it all under control with a simple and efficient system!

Buy Organisation: The Cognitive Truth Method: Organisation Strategies, Cleaning and Life Management now and start living free of your past dysfunctional physical and emotional attachments and start to find a balance and efficiency in the rest of your life without the emotional roller coaster a disorganized life can entail.

Transform your disorganised, inconsistent existence into an organized, productive, powerful and vibrant life today!

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maart 2016
Aantal pagina's
272 pagina's



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The Cognitive Truth Method: Organization Strategies, Cleaning & Life Management
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