Our Iceberg Is Melting Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions

Auteur: John Kotter
Taal: Engels
Our Iceberg Is Melting
  • Engels
  • Hardcover
  • 9780312361983
  • Druk: Open market ed
  • september 2006
  • 160 pagina's
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John Kotter

John Kotter is hoogleraar Leadership aan de Harvard Business School en auteur van 17 boeken, waaronder Onze ijsberg smelt! Hij wordt algemeen beschouwd als dé expert in verandermanagement. Hij ontving in 2009 een Lifetime Achievement Award voor zijn invloed op ‘learning and performance in organizations’. Op bol.com vind je alle boeken van John Kotter, waaronder het nieuwste boek van John Kotter.


Most of the denizens of the Antarctic penguin colony sneer at Fred, the quiet but observant scout who detects worrying signs that their home, an iceberg, is melting. Fred must cleverly convince and enlist key players, such as Louis, the head penguin; Alice, the number two bird; the intractable NoNo the weather expert; and a passle of school-age penguins if he is to save the colony.Their delightfully told journey illuminates in an unforgettable way how to manage the necessary change that surrounds us all. Simple explanatory material following the fable enhances the lasting value of these lessons."Our Iceberg Is Melting" is at once charming, accessible and profound; a treat for virtually any reader. John Kotter has been on the faculty at Harvard Business School since 1972. He is the author of eleven award-winning titles and frequently gives speeches and seminars at Harvard and around the world. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Holger Rathgeber spent his early professional career in Asia. He has worked in industry since the early 1990's and is now with one of the leading medical technology companies, Bectom Dickinson. Raised in Frankfurt, Germany, Rathgeber currently resides in White Plains, New York. "Our Iceberg is Melting "is a simple fable about doing well in an ever-changing world. Based on the work of Harvard's John Kotter, it is a story that has been used to help many people and organizations. The fable is about a penguin colony in Antarctica. A group of emperor penguins live as they have for many years. Then one curious bird discovers a potentially devastating problem threatening their home--and pretty much no one listens to him. The characters in the story, Fred, Alice, Louis, Buddy, the Professor, and NoNo, are like people we recognize--even ourselves. Their tale is one of resistance to change and heroic action; seemingly intractable obstacles; and the most clever tactics for dealing with those obstacles. It is a story that is occurring in different forms all around us today--but the penguins handle the very real challenges a great deal better than most of us. "Our Iceberg is Melting" is based on pioneering work that shows how Eight Steps produce needed change in any sort of group. It is a story that can be enjoyed by anyone, while at the same time providing invaluable guidance for a world that just keeps moving faster and faster. "I came across "Our Iceberg is Melting "in May, ordered and distributed 60 copies in June, evaluated its effect on our change effort, and then ordered 500 more copies in September. This is a gem."--Heidi King, Program Manager, Department of Defense "I came across "Our Iceberg is Melting "in May, ordered and distributed 60 copies in June, evaluated its effect on our change effort, and then ordered 500 more copies in September. This is a gem."--Heidi King, Program Manager, Department of Defense "As a result of the book and my sharing it with a few people in the organization, we have moved quickly on several fronts. We are galvanized to go ahead instead of further studying, more organizing and so on. It is making a difference for us."--Tom Curley, President and CEO, Associated Press "This is the easiest to read yet most informative book I have ever seen. Setting one of management's biggest challenges, --'What problem, I don't see a problem, '--in the context of a melting iceberg and a determined penguin, was a stroke of sheer genius."--Michael Dimelow, Director of Product Marketing, TTP Communications PLC
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    Geschreven bij Our iceberg is melting

    Our Iceberg is melting is een boek dat op simpele, maar leuke wijze beschrijft hoe op een standaard manier een grote verandering doorgevoerd kan worden binnen een grote groep mensen. Aan de hand van een verhaaltje over een groep pinguins worden de, vaak wel bekende, maar daardoor ook snel vergeten, problemen en oplossingen beschreven. Het verschil met andere managementboeken: het is leuk om te lezen, met humor geschreven en geillustreerd en het geeft een andere vorm aan het saaie imago van vele managementboeken.

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  • Our Iceberg Is Melting
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    Geschreven bij Our iceberg is melting

    Leuk boek. Leest makkelijk en inspireert. Het boek geeft een aanzet om niet op te gaan in de massa.

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    Geschreven bij Our iceberg is melting

    Met behulp van zwart wit denken en hopeloze stereotypen wordt een sprookje van minder dan kleuter-niveau gebruikt om managers "te helpen" personeel over te halen noodzakelijke veranderingen te accepteren. Momenteel blijkbaar HET managementboek - wat een hoop zegt over de managers die het zo verkopen. (Serieus: er zijn bedrijven die het weg geven aan het personeel.) Besteed je geld aan serieuzere management boeken dan aan deze geldklopperij, die je in minder dan 10 minuten uit leest, je geen zak verder helpt, niet leuk en niet leerzaam is.

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Open market ed
september 2006
21,6 x 13,4 x 1,5 cm
Aantal pagina's
160 pagina's


John Kotter Holger Rathgeber
Holger Rathgeber
St Martin's Press


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Our Iceberg Is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions



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Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions

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