Pale Pink 101 - Combo Lined & Blank Notebook 101 Pages, Medium Ruled, 6x9 Journal, Soft Cover


Part of our Simple Color Covers notebook series...Pale Pink.

Everyone needs a place to record things. Whether the journal is used to record personal thoughts, travels, life events, gratitudes, daily tasks, quotes or notes, it doesn't matter. What matters is that, you pick up a notebook/journal or maybe several notebooks and make journaling a daily habit.

Creating a record empowers you. It will inspire you. It will allow you to track your successes. It will help to clarify your thoughts. If you make journaling a part of your daily life, it will forever enhance your life. It will help you live a fuller life.

It is the perfect size to take with you anywhere you go. Just toss it in your bag or purse. The notebooks/journals make great gifts for....yourself, holidays, friends, birthday, graduation, neighbors/co-workers, teachers/students or gift baskets.

    Here are some of the uses of notebooks/journals...
  • personal thoughts
  • quotes
  • goals & goal tracking
  • gratitudes
  • doodles/sketches
  • creative writing
  • mind mapping
  • idea generation/brainstorming
  • project planning
  • recipes
  • road trips/travel adventures
  • bucket lists
  • to do lists/task tracking
  • planner
  • meditation
  • and reading notes

Notebook/Journal General InfoDimensions = 6'' x 9'' (15.24 cm x 22.86)
Line Spacing = Medium/College Rule [9/32'' (.28'' or 7.1 mm)]
Pages = 101 Pages/50 Sheets
Cover = Soft cover
Lines = Lightly-Lined

Note...Several summary/index pages were included so a Table of Content can be created, if desired.



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