Paleo for Beginners Lose Weight and Get Healthy with the Paleo Diet, Including a 21 Paleo Diet Recipes and 7-Day Meal Plan Solution

Paleo for Beginners
Auteur: Sarah Sparrow
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  • 9781497540736
  • april 2014
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Sarah Sparrow

Sarah Sparrow lives in Los Angeles.


Are you looking for ways to get healthier? Do you want to boost your energy naturally? Welcome to a new way of eating and living that has helped many individuals lose weight, increase their energy and feel all around good for the first time in many years. While the Paleo Diet is not new, the hype and attention it has been receiving over the past few years has brought it to the forefront of nutritional websites, morning news shows and fitness blogs. Whether you are reading this to learn more about the diet, decide if it’s the right way of living for you, or have already committed and just need a little guidance, you've come to the right place! ''Paleo for Beginners: Lose Weight and Get Healthy with the Paleo Diet, Including a 21 Paleo Diet Recipes and 7-Day Meal Plan Solution'' is designed with you in mind. It is an attempt to dissect the diet into relatable chunks so that you can be a fully informed caveman or woman! This guide contains information about: What is the Paleo Diet? The History of the Paleo Diet How does the Paleo diet work? Characteristics of the Paleo Diet Paleo Diet for Weight Loss Paleo Diet for Disease Prevention Paleo Diet for Improved Health Paleo Diet for Increased Energy Levels Foods to eat and not to eat How is the Paleo Diet different from other diets? Is it another fad diet? Is the Paleo Diet safe? Is the Paleo Diet hard to follow? Grocery Shopping Tips Well-Stocked Pantry Eating Out On Paleo The Paleolithic Lifestyle Some Tips to Get Started Meal plans and easy recipes You’ll find answers to the questions that you might be thinking about when considering the Paleo Diet with this book so get a copy now!



april 2014
Aantal pagina's
54 pagina's



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