Past Twilight
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  • februari 2011
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Summer 2011 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award winner.Best Book Award in the category of ThrillerPast Twilight will appeal to those who enjoy their mystery and suspense laced with a hint of science fiction, especially if they are not deterred by portrayals of physical and emotional violence and the attitudes and behaviors common to people who spend a good deal of their time in bars. Fortunately, the author balances the all-too-human negative traits of his characters with forays into ethics, honor, and self-respect. "Hemingway is a gifted storyteller. He brings to his work the observational and investigative skills and ability to read subtle body language that he learned during his nearly twenty years of experience as a New York State Peacekeeper. Such skills allow him to convey much with little and move his story forward with a character’s gesture or glance." Kristine Morris ForeWord Clarion Review Occupying the sparsely populated genre of science-fiction noir, Hemingway’s debut blends the extraterrestrial with the classic tale of the one that got away. Hemingway shows skill at plotting, always moving his rather large cast of bar-hopping characters forward. He keeps the reader engaged through twists and turns of the complex mystery.Kirkus Reviews'Past Twilight'- my novel, has nothing to do with vampires. But it does have a mean hurricane that shatters the beach front property of a small town on the Jersey Shore and provides the spark that propels a web of unhealthy relationships to murder, betrayal and of course more murders. It is also a story about two men obsessed with the same woman. One wants to save her the other may be the one who wants to kill her again, yes this is one of those novels where someone goes back in time. Will he solve the puzzle of why the same gun was used to kill the woman he was obsessed with and the man he thought killed her? And when he was sent back in time why did the alien who sent him back whisper to him as his mind was starting to leave his former body:"Find the mother and father and you will find your answers."While you're at the Jersey Shore or some other fun vacation spot, reading my book and getting early stage melanoma on a hot, sweaty afternoon at the beach: ask yourself this question. What really happens when the sun goes down? Buy this book and find out what is possible. Somwhere in writing this novel I found passion again and that is when my characters started taking over and it became a novel about many inter-relationships and how some of those relationships can get you killed it you aren't paying attention. It also became a novel that became surpisingly optimistic as the novel moved toward its end. A lot of the novel has that pulp fiction style of the detective novels in the thirties where lurking beneath picket fences and two bedroom homes things were pretty ugly and of course there was always a couple of corrupt copper's. My novel is a lot longer than a detective novel where you have a closed environment of the sharp and savvy detective, leading lady, some victims and everyone else is a suspect. This is because it is also a journey novel played against the background of the 70's. It is also a personal journey where the protagonist tries to make sense of his life and also come to terms with the four types of women that a man gets interested in. The first three types you get to meet in this novel. I could tell you which character is which type. But it is much more interesting if you meet them in the novel. If you are a man I'm sure the three types will look familiar. The last and final type you get to meet in the second novel, if I can sell enough copies of this novel and I get to make a movie out of the first novel.



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