Patches the Kitten Patches the Kitten Explores Her New Home and Meets Her New Family

Patches the Kitten
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781491255995
  • juni 2013
  • 30 pagina's
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Patches the Kitten is an illustrated children's book series about the life of a foundling Kitty who is really a tiny cat. In Book 1 of the series Patches Finds a New Home. Book 2 reveals how Patches learns about her new home and meets her extended family of humans and animals. Read about Patches' adventures with her extended family while her human Mommy is out of town.Patches was so tiny her new human Mommy was afraid to leave her by herself with the BIG gray cats. The new Mommy called them Pouncer and Muffin and they were VERY, VERY big. So every day, Patches played in her very own area guarded by her new mommy. She had her own toys and a lot of them. She had a ball that jingled when it rolled and a little climbing thing with a feather on a stick. When Patches touched it with her paw, it moved very fast and the little bell tinkled. When Patches needed to scratch, the climbing thing was perfect. She could almost climb to the top to the feather stick. But every time she moved, the BIG Gray cats were there, hissing and reaching out to try and get her. The Mommy would scold them and make them go away but every time Mommy left, they came right back.The first day Patches was in her new home with her human family was fun but Patches sure missed Jeepers, She wondered what he was up to outside in the big ole yard? She was too busy exploring her new home to think about Jeepers for very long....



Aantal pagina's
30 pagina's



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