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Peeps At Great Cities - Berlin

Auteur: Alois Siepen
Uitgever: Read Books
  • Engelstalig
  • 108 pagina's
  • illustrated edition
  • 9781406744125
  • maart 2007
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- v . . ci NATIONAL MEMORIAL. PEEPS AT GREAT CITIES BERLIN EDITH SIEPEN WITH TWELVE FULL-PAGE ILLUSTRATIONS IN COLOUR BY BY ALOIS METZ LONDON ADAM AND CHARLES BLACK 1911 TO MY DEAR FRIEND MRS. LOUISE TOLES MOLLY THIS LITTLE WORK IS INSCRIBKD CONTENTS CHAPTER PAGE I. FIRST IMPRESSIONS 5 II. THE STREET TRAFFIC IO III. BERLIN PEOPLE AND THEIR HOMES . . . 1 8 IV. XJNTER BEN LINDEN 26 V. UNTER DEN LINDEN continued . . . 2 VI. BERLIN BOYS AND GIRLS 39 VII. AMUSEMENTS AND SPORTS . . . ., - 47 VIII. SOME TRADITIONAL CUSTOMS 53 IX. BERLIN SHOPS 58 X. THE LUNGS OF THE CITY 6l XI. THE IMPERIAL FAMILY JO XII. BERLIN IN SPRING . ...... 75 XIII. CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR 80 XIV. THE WATERWAY TO POTSDAM . . . . .87 XV. POTSDAM 91 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS 1. NATIONAL MEMORIAL ..... frontispiece FAONfS IACiK 2. ROLLER-SKATING IN THE SIEGES-ALLEE .., 3. FRIEDRICH STRASSE AT MIDNIGHT ., . . l6 4. BRANDENBURG GATE - REICHSTAG ON LEFT . . 2 S 5. PALACE KAISER WILHKLM I., WITH HISTORIC CORN KR WINDOW 3Z 6. RIVER SIDE OF IMPERIAL CASTLE CATHEDRAL IN THE DISTANCE STATUE OF GREAT ELECTOR . . .4 7-POTSDAM FISH-MARKET ...... 48 8. THE NEW LAKE IN THE TIERGARTEN . . . .57 9-MAUSOLEUM IN CHARLOTTENBURG . . . .64 10. POTSDAM SANSSOUCI PALACE . . . . . 8l 11. POTSDAM HISTORIC MILL 88 12. PARADE STEP BEFORE THE KAISER . . on the COW Picture-Plan of Berlin inside front cover BERLIN CHAPTER I FIRST IMPRESSIONS IT is popularly reported that when the Emperor was riding along one of the principal thoroughfares of Berlin a short time ago, he turned to the Adjutant at his side, and said Mark my words, Berlin will one day be the finest city in the world Whether the story is authentic or not, or whether the words, if uttered, wereonly carelessly spoken, there is more than a remote possibility of the prediction being fulfilled. The beauties of Nature and Art are so perfectly blended that when the softening glamour of age has settled over the handsome streets and buildings, little more will be wanting to complete the beauty of the Prussian capital. One of the first things that strikes the visitor to Berlin if it does not happen to be winter as the wealth of green everywhere. Rows of trees are planted along the curbstone in almost all the streets, even in the poorer parts of the city. They are mostly lime or linden-trees, the blossoms of which in early summer fill the air with fragrance, and the older the trees are the sweeter grows the perfume. The squares and open spaces, which are many in number, are beautifully 5 Berlin laid out with flowers and shrubs, and provided with broad walks and plenty of benches, where the children, can play and rest. Many of the newer thoroughfares have a promenade down the middle, with seats, and are bounded on either side by flower-beds tastefully arranged according to a cheerful colour-scheme. The flowers are never allowed to look faded, but the plants are constantly renewed and carefully tended. An old man may usually be seen loitering about these floral promenades. He is generally a veteran who has been through a number of battles, and wears a bit of ribbon in his button-hole. He passes his time pleasantly enough, taking care the children do not go on the beds, and he also gathers up untidy scraps of paper lying about, which he deposits In big wire baskets placed there for the purpose. The thick stick he carries is only for show, or for his own support nobody has ever seen him domore than shake it vigorously at a culprit. And then there are the balconies These alone make Berlin beautiful during three seasons of the year. Every flat in every house, except very old-fashioned ones or those in the poorer quarters, has its balcony, which is the familys miniature garden. Many bal conies display an abundance of brilliant colour and rich foliage incredible when you remember how small the space is. The favourite flowers are the many coloured nasturtiums, bright scarlet geraniums, or the pink hanging geraniums, and climbing roses...



maart 2007
Editie illustrated edition
Aantal pagina's
108 pagina's
Met illustraties


Alois Siepen
Read Books



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