Personal Selling Strategies for Consultants and Professionals The Perfect Sales Equation

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  • september 1993
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Call it what you will - ''marketing,'' ''expanding a client base,'' ''business development,'' or even ''taking bold professional initiatives'' - it all boils down to the same thing, selling. It's what consultants and service professionals need to do if they want to stay in business. And for all those who are still a little squeamish about using the S word, Richard Carlson suggests that they think of selling as ''the process of helping a client identify a legitimate, urgent need, and then agreeing on a beneficial solution to that need. No hype, no mirrors, no fast talk.''
Personal Selling Strategies for Consultants and Professionals grew out of the highly successful sales seminars that Dick Carlson has conducted at leading consulting and professional services firms. Unlike more typical scattershot books that attempt to cover everything from marketing, promotions, action plans, and proposal writing, this book focuses on helping consultants and professionals develop and hone their personal selling techniques and strategies.
Why the emphasis on personal? Because the aim of this book isn't to transform you into a ''rainmaker'' or a high-pressure artist. Instead, it's to show you how to create a competitive advantage by bringing to the selling process the self-same skills and expertise that you routinely bring to your professional practice: self-discipline, good communication, sensitivity to the client organizational milieu, and the ability to zero in on client needs and expectations, just to name a few.
Personal Selling Strategies for Consultants and Professionals is packed with sound practical advice on how to sell your professional services. In addition to dozens of proven techniques for delivering your sales message, you'll find many new and innovative strategies, models, concepts, and guidelines, including tips on targeting the core decision makers in any organization; developing a Sales Probability Index that no client can resist; using the highly successful ''what if'' proposal strategy; and spotting add-on opportunities and when to go for them.
In addition, Carlson introduces his groundbreaking concept of the ''perfect'' sales equation. This innovative approach to matching the values of needs as perfectly as possible with the values of benefits will become the foundation of any successful overall sales strategy.
So whether you're a consultant to private industry, a CPA, a consulting engineer, a lawyer, an architect, or any other service professional, Personal Selling Strategies for Consultants and Professionals can help you find the confidence and personal sales skills you need to survive and thrive in today's ever more competitive marketplace.



Aantal pagina's
224 pagina's


Richard K. Carlson
John Wiley & Sons



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The Perfect Sales Equation
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