Philosophers of Science

Taal: Engels
Philosophers of Science
  • Engels
  • Hardcover
  • 9781340108236
  • augustus 2015
  • 308 pagina's
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PHILOSOPHERS OF SCIENCE PHILOSOPHERS OF SCIENCE Lucretius Nicholas Copernicus Francis Bacon Rene Descartes Auguste Comte Charles Darwin Henri Bergson CARLTON HOUSE NEW YORK ACKNOWLEDGMENTS FOR PERMISSION TO REPRINT COPY RIGHTED SECTIONS OF THIS VOLUME, ACKNOWLEDGMENT IS HERE MADE TO Encyclopcedia Britannic a, Inc., and the Estate of Charles Glenn Wallis, Charles S. Glenn, Executor, for the transla tion of On the Revolution of the Celestial Spheres by Nicholas Copernicus. COPYRIGHT, 1939, BY CHARLES GLENN WALLIS. Henry Holt and Company, Inc., for The Evolution of Life from CREATIVE EVOLUTION by Henri Bergson COPYRIGHT, 1911, BY HENRY HOLT AND COMPANY. COPYRIGHT, 1938, BY ARTHUR MITCHELL. CONTENTS On the Nature of Things Book K LUCRETIUS 3 On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres NICHOLAS COPERNICUS 43 Novum Organu n Book FRANCIS BACON 73 Discourse on Method RENE DESCARTES 159 The Positive Philosophy AUGUSTE COMTE 219 Recapitulation and Conclusion from The Origin of Species CHARLES DARWIN 241 The Evolution of Life From Creative Evolution HENRI BERGSON 275 Lucretius ON THE NATURE OF THINGS BOOK v Lucretius 99-55 B - c - l So little is known about the life of Lucretius beyond his birth and death dates that even scholars, with their zeal for filling in lacunae, can only surmise from some casual phrases that he went insane, that his work was edited by Cicero and that he committed suicide. What remains undisputed is the exist ence of De Rerum Natura On the Nature of Things. Two centuries after the death of Epicurus, the doctrines of Epi cureanism, especially those which emphasize the liberation of mankind from superstition and the fear of death, found re affirmation in Lucretius.Fundamentally a treatise on science, the first four Books of this poem examine atoms and the void, the soul, sense-perception, psychology and the will. The fifth Book, which is given here in toto, considers the origin of the world, astronomy, a study of species and their development, human institutions, language, art and religion, and is a sum mary of prevailing scientific concepts just before the begin ning of the Christian era. ON THE NATURE OF THINGS BOOK v LUCRETIUS Who is able with powerful genius to frame a poem worthy of the grandeur of the things and these discoveries Or who is so great a master of words as to be able to devise praises equal to the deserts of him who left to us such prizes won and earned by his own genius None methinks who is formed of mortal body. For if we must speak as the acknowledged grandeur of the things itself demands, a god he was, a god, most noble Memmius, who first found out that plan of life which is now termed wisdom, and who by trained skill res cued life from such great billows and such thick darkness and moored it in so perfect a calm and in so brilliant a light. Com pare the godlike discoveries of others in old times Ceres is famed to have pointed out to mortals corn, and Liber the vine-born juice of the grape though life might well have sub sisted without these things, as we are told some nations even now live without them. But a happy life was not possible without a clean breast wherefore with more reason this man is deemed by us a god, from whom come those sweet solaces of existence which even now are distributed over great na tions and gently soothe mens minds. Then if you shall sup pose that the deeds of Hercules surpass his, you will becar ried still farther away from true reason...



augustus 2015
Aantal pagina's
308 pagina's



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