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  • Engelstalig
  • 9785551485827
  • oktober 2005
  • Adobe pdf met kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)
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Feeling safe from terrorism? Think again! Security in America as we know it has recently changed forever. Pods is a novel that depicts a possible chain of events we all should be ready for. Even though having the strongest military in the world makes us feel relatively secure, we still need to be alert and on guard of what might come our way. The American way of taking things for granted is now a part of cultural history. Albegoti is a group of four highly intelligent, well educated men, who after closely watching the Americans with all their might attack Iraq in 1991, decide to take matters into their own hands. A devious, lethal, and calculated plan is devised by Shakir Omer, the leader of Albegoti. Using the Makran Coast in southwestern Pakistan as their home base, Shakir and three others put their plan into action. After ten years of designing, building, and getting things ready, they now have the army, the biochemical weapons, and the drive to bring the free world to its knees, ultimately forcing it into an equality that had only been seen once before -- at the beginning of mankind. The attack takes place methodically, using the free world's ignorance and its overwhelming feeling of self-worth. Causing diversion is a key element of it, as Shakir uses Al-Qeada, Hamas, and the Taliban in his master plan, making their actions seem like a walk in the park in comparison of what is to come. After the attack occurs the key people executing it converge in Lebanon in Islamic freedom, safety, and in peace. They are to live in a gated resort community in the small Mediterranean port town of Sidon, which as a part of the master plan, was funded and constructed just for them. Pods is a suspenseful, powerful, and intriguing story from Richard Paul Tanos. It shows on one hand how easily four men could execute such an attack and, on the other hand, how hard it is for them to accept the devastation, keep under the radar, and police themselves. You will never take for granted even simple everyday things, like breathing fresh air and drinking clean fresh water, once you read Pods.


Auteur Richard P. Tanos
Taal Engels
Formaat Formaat ePub - Het wereldwijde standaardformaat voor ebooks.
Kopieerbeveiliging van Adobe DRM - kopieerbeveiliging waarbij een persoonsgebonden Adobe ID nodig is.
Adobe pdf met kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)
Bestandsgrootte 1.64 MB
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Verschijningsdatum oktober 2005
ISBN10 555148582X
ISBN13 9785551485827

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