Poems on Life, Love & Their Consequences: Wishing That I Was With You! - Book #57 Wishing That I Was With You!

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  • 9781721973576
  • juni 2018
  • 112 pagina's
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Gain a new prospective on life and love today here in the USA as North America’s master poet takes you deep into the inner workings of true lovers’ dreams! You’ll be spellbound with his eloquence as he fully engages the reader with each poetic story so that you can relate to them in terms of your own life experiences! Geral John prompts us to live life with real love in our hearts for God and one another! In this his 57th book from his “Poems on Life, Love & Their Consequences” poetry book series sub-titled, “Wishing That I Was With You! – Book #57” Geral John takes us over the top with poems on love, romance and spirituality such as “We’re Remembering Who We Used To Be!” “She Could Be Someone That I’d Like To Know!” “My Sweet Mistress Of Space And Time!” “We’ll Be Riding The Rails Tonight!” “Time Never Slows Down!” “My Daddy Was A Truck Drivin’ Man!” “She Just Had To Be A Wild One!” “My Love Is Like A River Flowing To The Sea!” “There Is A Futility To Life Without God!” “The Lord Is Kind To Those Who Fear Him!” “We Are God’s Chosen People!” “The Old Me vs. The New Me…” “Take Me High Up Into Love’s Clear Blue Skies!” “Working The Dance Floor Adds To My Fame!” “I Want A Crazy Kind Of Love!” and the truly uplifting “All Roads Lead Back To Her And Me!” that stir our hearts while they expand our emotional consciousness! Geral John Pinault has written more than 7,000 poems about life and love and its consequences for us across time along with more than 550 songs to show us why Almighty God is the Creator of everything that is good in our continual search for love and respect in this the 21st Century!



juni 2018
Aantal pagina's
112 pagina's



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Wishing That I Was With You!
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