Pokemon Go Game Player Guide and Tips Book For Beginners

Pokemon Go Game Player Guide and Tips Book
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781537016269
  • augustus 2016
  • 86 pagina's
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Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm!You’re hearing about it on the news, it’s all over your social media, and all your friends and family are playing the game. It’s totally addicting.Maybe you’ve even downloaded and started to play the game yourself. The problem is, there’s a lot to it. Sure, you’ve caught the starter Pokemon and you’ve walked around a little with the app. But what’s a lure module? What do you do if you run out of pokeballs? How do you find the rarest Pokemon?I’m going to help you with all of those things, right now. This is a no-fluff guide for beginners starting to play Pokemon GO!Whether you’re a total beginner (no worries!) or you’ve been playing for a while, you’re about to learn some incredible tips and strategies throughout this guide. I’ve made it my mission to study the absolute best way to play Pokemon Go - I’ll even help you find rare Pokemon, conserve your battery power, win gym battles, and explain all the Pokemon terms and language you need to know! things you won’t find in most other guides.If you follow my tips, you’ll be able to fill your Pokedex and wow your friends. This app is some of the most fun you can have-- especially when you can show off that you have more and better Pokemon than everyone else!To put it simply, read my book and...You can totally dominate Pokemon GO!Have you downloaded the app yet? Go ahead and do that it if you haven’t already. You can get a feel for the features by playing around with it. Once you’ve done that, return to the guide-- this will help you get a better understanding than if you’re reading this without having ever laid eyes on the app itself.One of the coolest things about Pokemon Go is that it’s very interactive. You’re not just sitting down on your couch, playing a typical video game. This app gets you up and moving. Not only that, but it makes it look like the Pokemon are actually in your physical space. It does this through your Smartphone’s camera. You just might find a Pokemon on your bed, on top of the slide at the park, at your Zumba class, walking down the street on your lunch break, or even on top of your friend’s head!The gameplay itself is really simple.I have no doubts that you’ll feel right at home with it once you read this guide and get started.You’re going to be a real-life Pokemon Trainer!Get started NOW!Click the buy now button above and grab this awesome Pokemon Go Game Player Guide and Tips Book - You will be so glad you did!



augustus 2016
Aantal pagina's
86 pagina's





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