Pokemon Go The Ultimate Guide Book

Pokemon Go
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  • augustus 2016
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Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO is a free-to-play video game for handheld cellular devices, such as the Android and iOS. In the game, the player will catch monsters, duel with other trainers, and trade with them as well using augmented reality and real-time maps curated from Google Maps. It can be acquired by downloading it from your device's respective application store.
It is more popular than Tinder and Candy Crush Saga: people all over the planet have been downloading Pikachu and his buddies to their Android and iOS phones and traveling to catch them all. Some have actually hurt themselves, paying attention to the game on their phone screen, and not to their surroundings. Car accidents, falling from heights … please, remember to practice safe play when using Pokémon Go.
Players can also purchase the Pokémon GO Plus, a device that wraps around the user’s wrist, similar to the Apple Watch. This device will allow its owner to find Pokémon through their device's Bluetooth technology. This guide assumes the user is playing without a Go Plus.
This guide will offer a brief, yet detailed history of the Pokémon franchise, an introduction to Pokémon GO, and tips to help you improve your game and Pokémon catching. It has been authored to be as fast and easy to read as possible. Whereas other guides tend to fluff their twenty-page books with legal notices and redundant information, we will be focused not only on the basic of the basics, but some of the more in-depth nitty-gritty details, in a Question-And-Answer format.Which is not to say that we will not have some fun, too, along the way!
This Pokémon GO guide assumes you know the really basic basics, such as how to download the game onto your device through the application store, how to install it, how to navigate the game screen, how to use your phone's touchpad, et cetera. We will not be covering the basic controls, so if you’re having difficulty with those, we advise you to check out the official game website or YouTube videos of other players manipulating the game.
We hope you will pick up a few tips from this little and modest tip guide. We hope you will learn a few tricks that will help you be the very best!
A hot tip: use this book's Table of Contents section to find the topic you require information on. As previously stated, we tried to keep out the redundant bits, but of course we cannot promise everything you read here will be new and unique. Example: already know the franchise's history? The first section will do you no good. If you do not need a primer on the Pokémon franchise, then you can safely skip that section, coming up after this one. Still, there could be some interesting trivia tidbits you’ve never learned, so do return and give it a read. Thank you for choosing this guide and good luck as you read!



augustus 2016
Aantal pagina's
50 pagina's



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