Practice In Pre-school Education

Practice In Pre-school Education
Auteur: Ruth Updegraff
Uitgever: Read Books
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  • 9781406746143
  • maart 2007
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Go TO SCHOOL Pnngle THE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Sears CITY SCHOOL ADMINISTRA TIVE CONTROLS Thorp e PSYC HOLOGICAL FOUNDA TIONS OF PERSONALITY Updegraff and Others PRACTICE IN PRESCHOOL EDUCATION Wert EDUCATIONAL STATISTICS Practice in Preschool Education ly RUTH UPDEGRAFF, Pn. D. Administrative Supervisor of the Preschool Laboratories State University of Iowa and HELEN C. DAWE, M. A. EVALINE E. FALES, M. A. BEENICE E. STORMES MAET G. OLIVER, M A. Head Teachers in the Preschool Laboratories State University of Iowa FIRST EDITION McGRiW-HILL BOOK COMPANY, Inc. New York London 1938 Preface -- S- THE light of cold scrutiny might well incite question concern ing the employment of the term practice in preschool educa tion to entitle a discussion of the philosophy and procedures of a single school. It might even awake a suspicion that the authors are complacent in the conviction that practice makes perfect. Let their belief be stated without more ado, there fore, that the truth of this adage is no more justified than an implication that practice is perfect at the Iowa Preschool Laboratories. The following chapters have, however, been fostered by the belief that any social institution dedicated to the training of individuals must recognize the fact of its influence upon these individuals and at the same time undertake the responsi bility of self - analysis. The statement of definite, coherent, and appropriate objectives, the consistency of provisions with, these objectives, the application of diagnostic checks whenever possible may be means of assuring a realistic point of view. Whether a consistent, wholesome, or desirable philosophy is reflected in these pages will be a matter of opinion, but atleast there has been a sincere attempt to be articulate con cerning the present theory and practice of one institution engaged in nursery-school education. It is always to be hoped that the process of formulating and expressing an educational approach will not mean a subsequent solidification. The philosophy of the preschool laboratories supports a belief in being experimentally minded, as to both the course and the content of the curriculum. Open mindedness need not be synonymous with flaccidity, way wardness, or lack of purpose, however, and objective scrutiny as well as subjective evaluation are valuable allies. To think first of the needs of the child and then to provide environmentally for these needs is the sequence and modus operandi of our curriculum construction. In one sense it may be said that the child is thought of generically, as represent ing a type of individual whose growth patterns lie within certain limits. In another sense, the school must consider each child as an individual and study not only his similarities to other children but his differences from others of his kind. And the study is only the preliminary step, the means toward the end of adjusting stimulation intelligently. This stimulation should be in line with a fundamental philosophy concerning the nature of the ultimate objective, that is, the mature individual. Fortunately, perhaps, chance and factors beyond our control at present relieve us from the need of disclaiming a common pattern or universal mold. The answer lies in an attempt to develop the peculiar or particular capacities of each individual. Nevertheless, at a time when the influence of the environment seems to be increasingly apparent thereare indications that we have left more to chance than has, perhaps, been realized. What, then, is our aim for the child Inasmuch as we cannot entirely anticipate the specific demands to be made upon him by the society in which he will move as an adult, the best solution would seem to be to foster in him those attitudes, habits, and skills which should enable him to meet the problems of living effectively and with satisfaction to himself and others. Nor is education to be thought of entirely in terms of preparation. Living is done day by day...



maart 2007
Aantal pagina's
444 pagina's
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Ruth Updegraff
Read Books



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