Private And Official Correspondence Of General Benjamin Butler - Vol I

Private And Official Correspondence Of General Benjamin Butler - Vol I
Auteur: Benjamin Butler
Uitgever: Read Books
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  • 9781406746839
  • maart 2007
  • 676 pagina's
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PRIVATE AND OFFICIAL CORRESPONDENCE OF GEN. BENJAMIN F. BUTLER DURING THE PERIOD OF THE CIVIL WAR IN FIVE VOLUMES VOLUME I April 1860 June 1862 PRIVATELY ISSUED 1917 PREFACE iHE preservation by General Butler of the letters, despatches, and other communications received by him, and of copies of those which he sent to others, dur ing a remarkably active career, resulted in a large accu mulation of direct and first-hand information which, to those at least whose knowledge and appreciation of the man give them the sympathy of understanding, is rich in human interest. It has been found that by arranging these papers in chronological order and sacrificing that order only when retaining the thread of the narrative demanded it, a very complete and intimate record of his life and of the events of his time is produced. The mass of material covering the whole period of his life is so great that it is practicable to select only one period and to publish with completeness the record of those years. For the purposes of this collection the period of the Civil War has been chosen as being that of most universal interest, and as being a period of such activity and stress that the record of the thoughts and deeds and struggles of men in responsible positions during that time may fairly be considered as depicting their personalities in lines which are characteristic and true. It undoubtedly would have added to the readableness of these volumes if the letters and records had been interspersed with editorial comment, connecting links of circumstances and collateral facts of historical interest. It would be pleasant, by bridging the gaps, to spare the reader the effort of bearing in mind that difficultiesof vi PREFACE transmission and distance will frequently be found to have caused an interval of a month between the sending of a letter and its receipt. But the choice of the method adopted, permitting the narrative to be carried along and explained only by the statements in the documents themselves has been made advisedly. The object of this publication is the establishment of truth in history. So much has been said and written of General Butler, anonymously and otherwise, by those who have felt the sting of the blows he dealt to them or their friends, by those who, with courage suddenly emboldened by his death, have spoken and written with more of malice in their hearts than knowledge in their minds, by those whose environment and fixed habits of mind made it impossible for them to see the things he saw, by those whose lack of analytical power and of passion for the true have made them content to regard the repetition of error as an original source, and to accept a rumor, a prejudice, the baseless slander of a political opponent, or the traitors lie, and affirm it to all men as ultimate truth, that there is firm foundation in fact for the remark which has been made, that It has become fashionable to abuse General Butler. The compilation of the material in these volumes has been, made by the members of the family of General Butler in the consciousness that the picture which it paints is true, and in the hope that as the spirit of the scientist of today in his zealous quest for truth, unswerved by prejudice, and revering neither the source nor the antiquity of error, becomes the spirit of the historian of tomorrow, this correspondence will be of value as an original source of informationconcerning the men and events to which it relates. It is in accordance with this purpose that, with the exception of an occasional footnote, editorial comment has been entirely omitted, and that the record in chrono logical order has been left to speak for itself, free from PREFACE vii possible bias of editor, family, or friend...



maart 2007
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676 pagina's
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Benjamin Butler
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