Psycho-Analysis Today

Auteur: Sandor Lorand
Taal: Engels
Psycho-Analysis Today
Auteur: Sandor Lorand
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  • 9781406747393
  • maart 2007
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PREFACE THE magnificent discovery of Freud, which began as a method of treating nervous ailments, rapidly surmounted its original framework and ceased to remain only in the domain of medicine. It invaded the different aspects of practical life and laid the foundation for a new psychology. Besides giving an understanding and the ability to gain insight into those dynamic powers which, side by side in synthetic func tions and complex antagonisms, rule human behaviour, it also revolutionized to a great extent and transformed our general - aspects of life. Pedagogy, anthropology, religion, art, and crim inology all are in a state of revolution and constant change through the influence of psycho-analysis. In this volume I have endeavored to include those fields which are permeated by psycho-analysis. These essays thus will provide a retrospective history as well as a picture of progress in psycho analysis up to date. I have divided the volume into four parts for the sake of easier comprehension of the material, i. General theoretical. 2. Mental hygiene and education. 3. Nervous and psychic ailments. 4. Ap plied psycho-analysis in other fields. Most of the contributors are well known to the reader. Many of them were among the first pupils of Freud and are today out standing representatives of psycho-analysis. They have helped to further the development of its theory and technique. The tech nical terms have been simplified as much as possible and the simplicity of the contributions serve the aim which the volume seeks to fulfil, namely, to be of use not only to physicians but to educators and laymen in general. PREFACE I wish to express here my thanks to my colleague, Dr. Walter Briehl, whohelped with the translation of the foreign contribu tions. SANDOR LORAND New Yorl, September, 1932. VI FOREWORD ANY enterprise which would have for its main object the com plete portrayal of the present-day situation in the develop ment of psycho-analysis would require the efforts of an historical superman. It is just short of forty years since Freud made his initial con tribution to the study of certain types of human suffering. This was but the first bubbling from a rich spring of clear understand ing of the human personality which has become, in the few decades of its further outpourings, a veritable Amazon among the streams of scientific thought. Of the origins, sources, reinforce ments, and tortuous early flowing of this cultural stream Freud himself has written in the History of the Psycho-analytic Move ment which no serious student of the mental sciences can af ford to neglect. This same student should also acquaint himself with the short autobiography of Freud which, as he himself states, is concerned chiefly with the history of psycho-analysis. 2 These Eventful Years, an article published in the Encyclo pedia Britannica 1924, should also be read by anyone wishing to orient himself to the background which the present collection of essays aims to explain in the terms of the latest developments. To round out the outlines of psycho-analytical history still fur ther, one other contribution The Significance of Psycho-analysis for the Mental Sciences by O. Rank and H. Sachs is of much 1 Original in Jahrbuch fur psa. Forsch., VI, 207, 1914 reproduced in Gcsammclte Schrijten, IV, 411, 1924, and translated into English by A. A. Brill, M. D. Nervous and Mental Disease Monograph Series, No. 25, New York and Washington, 1917. 2 Translated by James Strachey in The Problem of Lay Analysis Brcntanos, New York, 1927. 3 Nervous and Mental Disease Monograph Scries, No. 23, New York and Washing ton, 1916. vii FOREWORD significance, since it clearly indicates in what directions the orig inal scheme of the studies pursued by Freud and his circle had begun to develop as far back as 1913. Here is a vision of the manifold possibilities incidental to the spread of the applications of the conceptions originally enunciated by Freud...



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