Reading the Signs Negotiantions and Body Language in the Business Place

Reading the Signs
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Every day, whether or not you notice it, you are engaged in negotiating and reading other people’s body language. When done in a casual setting with family or friends, it’s usually a quick, easy, and enjoyable process. However, when you engage in negotiating and reading other people’s body language in the work place, it can be a completely different situation because these situations usually have higher stakes. In the workplace, not being able to negotiate efficiently or not being able to read other people’s body language will, can, and does have adverse consequences. At best, it may lead to disruption in the workplace. At worst, it could lead to you losing your benefits, your rank, or your job altogether. Being a good negotiator as well as a good body language reader will enable you become a more efficient, more pleasant, and altogether, more productive employee, co-worker, or boss.In this book, you will be able to discover and understand the art of negotiations, as well as how you can benefit from being able to conduct a proper negotiation. You will also know what qualities a good negotiator should possess, as well as how to properly prepare for a negotiation so that you can put yourself in the position to get the best outcome possible. Also, you will discover what to avoid doing and saying in order to avoid negotiations gone bad, and if worse comes to worst, how to be able to salvage a negotiation that has gone sour. Most importantly, you will learn what it takes to be able to close a negotiation on your own terms.In relation to the aforementioned topic, you will also learn the importance of being able to read, understand, and adapt to body language in the workplace and in negotiations. You will learn the importance of body language in everyday communication, and how to read positive and negative indicators in other people’s body language. You will also discover what to look out for when it comes to body language to be able to gauge how well (or bad) a negotiation is going.By understanding these two things separately and in relation to one another, you will be able to place yourself in a situation wherein you can become a successful negotiator as well as an adapt reader of body language, and thus, be able to come out on top when it comes to your relationships in your personal and business life.



januari 2013
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114 pagina's



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Negotiantions and Body Language in the Business Place
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