Realism And Nationalism 1852-1871

Realism And Nationalism 1852-1871
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  • 9781406748468
  • maart 2007
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REALISM AND NATIONALISM 18524871 THE RISE OF MODERN EUROPE Edited by WILLIAM L. LANGER Harvard University Edward P. Cheyney THE DAWN OF A NEW ERA, 1250-1453. TB 3002 Myron P. Gilmore THE WORLD OF HUMANISM, 1453-1517. TB 3003 E. Harris Harbison THE PROTESTANT REVOLT, 1516-1560. Philip Hughes THE CATHOLIC REFORMATION, 1560-1610. Carl J. Friedrich THE AGE OF THE BAROQUE, 1610-1660. TB 3004 Frederick L. Nussbaum THE TRIUMPH OF SCIENCE AND REASON, 1660-1685. TB 3009 John B. Wolf THE EMERGENCE OF THE GREAT POWERS, 1685-1715. TB 30IO Penfieid Roberts THE QUEST FOR SECURITY, 1715-1740. TB 30i6 Walter L. Dorn COMPETITION FOR EMPIRE, 1740-1763. TB 3032 LeoGershoy FROM DESPOTISM TO REVOLUTION, 1763-1789. TB 30I7 Crane Brinton A DECADE OF REVOLUTION, 1789-1799. TB 30i8 Geoffrey Bruun EUROPE AND THE FRENCH IMPERIUM, 1799-1814. TB 3033 Frederick B. Artz REACTION AND REVOLUTION, 1814-1832. TB 303 4 William L. Langer LIBERALISM, NATIONALISM AND SOCIALISM, 1832-1852. Robert C. Binkley REALISM AND NATIONALISM, 1852-1871. TB 3038 CarltonJ. H, Hayes A GENERATION OF MATERIALISM, 1871-1900, TB 3039 OronJ. Hale THE GREAT ILLUSION, 1900-1914. Bernadotte Schmitt THE WORLD IN THE CRUCIBLE, 1914-1919. Raymond Sontag REVOLT AGAINST THE OLD ORDER, 1919-1939. Gordon Wright THE SECOND WORLD WAR, 1939- In preparation REALISM AND NATIONALISM 18524871 BY ROBERT C. BINKLEY HARPER TORCHBOOKS THE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY HARPER ft ROW, PUBLISHERS, NEW YORK, EVANSTON, AND LONDON TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III Chapter IV Chapter V INTRODUCTION xi PROLOGUE xiii THE AGE OF SCIENCE SYNTHESIS, POPULARIZATION i AND UTILITY I Science versus Philosophy II The Concept of Matter III Popularization IV The Steam Engineand Thermodynamics the Energy Concept V The Electro-magnetic Telegraph and the Aether Concept VI The Utility of Science Vn Con clusion. SCIENCE AND LIFE 22 I Organic Chemistry II Bacteriology and Medicine HI Origin of Species IV Darwinism, Morality and Nationalism V The Impact of Science on Social and Economic Thought VI The Commodity 1 and the Individual in Economic Thought VH Property and Contract in Private Law VHI Conclusion. REALISM AND MATERIALISM 41 I Realism in Literature II The Reading Public HI Pictorial Art IV Music V History and Biblical Criticism VI Free Will and Mechanism. THE CHURCH AND THE SECULAR DOGMAS 57 I Church and State II Internal Tension in the Church III The Vatican Council IV Education V The Family VI The Secular Dogmas. THE LAND AND THE PEOPLE T 2 I Population II Migration III The Movement to the Cities IV Land Tenure in Europe V Emancipation in Russia VI Russian Emancipation and the Expansion of Europe VII Conspectus of European Economy in the Free Trade a. 3 VI TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter VI THE WORLD OF BUSINESS ENTERPRISE, AND INDUS-93 TRIAL RELATIONS I The Index of Material Progress II Corporation Finance and the Investment Market III Free Trade and International Money IV The Entrepreneur, the Inventor and the State V The First World Crisis VI Capital and Labor in Three Economic Scenes VII The New Trade Unionism in Eng land VIII Labor and Socialism in Germany IX From Mutual ism to the Commune X The First International XI Con clusion. Chapter VII THE POLITICS OF REACTION 124 I The Solidarity of Thrones n New Men for Old III The Solidarity of Peoples IV The Centralization of the Modern State V The Bach System VI Local Government VII The Armies and theAdministration. Chapter VIII THE CONCERT AND THE CRIMEAN WAR 1852-1856 I Federative Polity in Europe II Disruptive Forces in the Concert in Civis Romanus Sum IV The Question of the Holy Places V The Origins of the Crimean War VI The War and the War Aims VII The Congress of Paris VIII The End of Equilibrium and Monarchic Solidarity. Chapter IX THE CRISIS OF FEDERATIVE POIJTY 1857-1858 I The Era of Federative Experiments ft The Politics of the German Confederation III Hie United Principalities IV Swiss Nationalism and the Neufchatel Crisis...



maart 2007
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400 pagina's
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Robert C. Binkley
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