Releasing End Time Power. Bible Prophecies as It Relates to the End Times.

Releasing End Time Power.
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  • juni 2016
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Releasing end time power, is a powerful book that highlights the key principles of attaining the power of the Holy Spirit of God. It encapsulates the fundamental steps on how to unlock God's power (Holy Spirit), and the necessity of having it come alive in our lives, if we are to successfully effect the changes that are "taking the world by storm," in these end times. The end times are most definitely upon us. There is no doubt in my mind, that the times are well ripe, perhaps even overdue to access and to release this power. For many years, I have found myself questioning the authenticity of the presence of the Spirit of God, in today's church. Over the many years, except for the time of the early church, people have claimed to have been filled with this power, but the evidence of this is yet to be seen. I have actually grown wary, to the point of total annoyance, when i see the performances that are on full display in the futile attempts to sell the idea that they too have been filled with power. It was at this point, that I decided to conduct a research on how to attain this power, and to prove that the church has become somewhat of a circus. There are key factors that must be taken into account, and carefully followed to successfully unlock the power of God. I can truly say now, with full authority, that the Holy Spirit is almost nonexistent in the church. This may come as a surprise, and may seem quite difficult to accept, considering the enormous amounts of claimants to having this power. But the facts that i have discovered prove to be quite the contrary, and are as accurate as the accounts of the bible itself, from the Genesis to the Revelation. Releasing end time power, serves as a clarion call for Christian believers everywhere, to wake up and realize that something is terribly wrong in our relationship with God. As a believer myself, I am in no way trying to upstage the church. But rather, I seek only to expose the many deceptions that have taken root in the sanctuary. And also, to bring the awareness of how far we have fallen from the true doctrine of our Lord and Savior, (Jesus the Christ), since the time of the early church. We have fallen victim to traditions and customs, rather than a genuine worship and service to God. During the time of the early church, there were but twelve men, (the apostles) who were given the task to further the gospel. They taught everything that they saw and heard concerning the kingdom, having had the esteemed privilege of a personal walk with the Christ, and the honor to have studied under His divine tutelage. Because their ministries had such a huge impact in the world, and stands in complete contrast to what we can all see occurring in the church nowadays, it leaves me no choice but to conclude that the church is under siege by the evil forces in this world. We too (today's church), were commissioned to tell the truth concerning the gospel in the these end times. And just like the twelve, we too must be filled with the power of God that He has promised to freely give to us, if we would only obey Him. It is the most essential component in our ministries. Without it, our ministries will be "as dead as a door nail," as is the case with the church nowadays. This power is the truth of our redemptive process, and without it we will never attain the kingdom of God. I dare you to embark with me on this spiritual journey, to unlock and to release the power of God in your life. I am certain that the impact of reading this book, will touch your life in such a profound way, that you will never be the same again. The truth of the gospel comes alive, and stands out on the pages of this book, in a very fundamental but power way. You will be truly blessed, and well equipped with the knowledge of how to unlock and to release the end time power that is so greatly needed in times like these.



juni 2016
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98 pagina's



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