Report of the State Mineralogist (Volume 11)

Report of the State Mineralogist (Volume 11)
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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: REPORT OF TRUSTEES OF STATE MINING BUREAU. The last Legislature of the State directed that the reports of the Mining Bureau be issued biennially instead of annually, as heretofore. Further, and as the Trustees respectfully suggest, in the exercise of a mistaken economy, the appropriation for the support of the Survey and Museum was reduced to the sum of $25,000 per annum. Of this amount three fifths was assigned for the work in the field, and two fifths for the exhibition rooms, the laboratory, and the working staff in the city of San Francisco. The State Mineralogist has, owing to the smallness of the funds at his disposal, been obliged to greatly curtail the range of his investigations, but has, in our opinion, used due discretion in the selection of his expert assistants in the field of labor assigned to each of them. Full details of their work will be found in the report of the Mineralogist. Museum. By the exercise of the very closest economy, Mr. H. S. Durden, the efficient Custodian of the Museum, has been enabled to keep within the appropriation, and not noticeably diminish the well-earned prestige of the State's exhibit of its precious and useful ores and minerals and its economically valuable oils, earths, waters, and building stones. There have been catalogued up to date a grand total of 13,164 different specimens and groups of specimens. In this list is included 1,164 exhibits, which represent the additions since August 20, 1890. These consist mainly of ores, minerals, clays, and fossils, collected by the Field Assistants. Many of these fossils are new to science, and are now placed in the hands of competent specialists. Donations to the Museum have been up to the usual average, but no large loan collection has been offered, nor in fact could any consi...

Review Report of the State Mineralogist

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Review Report of the State Mineralogist

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