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  • juli 2020
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Discover a Perfect Bedtime Story For Your Child. Come and Join Rocky and Dog On Their Incredible Beach Adventure.

Would you like:

• To spark your child's imagination?

• That your kid has fantastic dreams?

• That your child learn new things in a fun and creative way?

• To keep your kid entertained for a long time?

If so, this book is perfect for you. It is for children age 0-5. It is an ideal bedtime story that will surely spark their imagination.

This book follows the story of two huskies named Rocky and Dog. They are so happy and careless that nothing ever bothers them. They waggle their tails, come rain or shine.

One day, while playing in front of the house, they decided to have some fun. And what is the best place to have fun? The beach, of course.

What did they do for fun? Who did they meet along the way? What discoveries they made? Inside this book, you will find out everything that happened to Rocky and Dog.

Here's what this book will offer you:

Fantastic characters: Read about two happy and careless huskies - Rocky and Dog. They spend their days dreaming about their next adventure. Come and join them on this one.

Magical beach adventure: Discover the fantastic beach adventure and have fun together with Rocky and Dog. Find out what they found under the sand and inside the water.

Perfect story for both daytime and bedtime: Read this story to your kid before bedtime for amazing dreams, or read to them during the daytime to give them inspiration for fun and to keep them entertained for a long time.

So what are you waiting for? Give your children a fantastic story to read or read it together with them. It will spark their imagination, and they will surely have unusual and fun dreams.



juli 2020
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Stephen Stratford
Stephen Stratford

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