Romps, Tots and Boffins EBOOK Tooltip The Strange Language of News

Auteur: Robert Hutton
Taal: Engels
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  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781909653443
  • Druk: 1
  • september 2013
  • 300 pagina's
  • Adobe ePub
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You may not recognise the phrase, but if you have ever picked up a paper you'll have come across 'journalese'. Essentially, it covers words and phrases that are only found in newspapers - whether tabloid or broadsheet. Without them, how would our intrepid journalists be able to describe a world in which late-night revellers go on booze-fuelled rampages, where tots in peril are saved by have-a-go heroes, and where troubled stars lash out in foul-mouthed tirades? When Rob Hutton began collecting examples of journalese online, he provoked a 'Twitter storm', and was 'left reeling' by the 'bumper crop' of examples that 'flooded in'. He realized that phrases which started as shorthand to help readers have become a dialect which is often meaningless or vacuous to non-journalese speakers. In a courageous attempt both to wean journalists off their journalese habit, and provide elucidation for the rest of us, Romps, Tots and Boffins will catalogue the highs and lows of this strange language, celebrating the best examples ('test-tube baby', 'mad cow disease'), marvelling at the quirky ('boffins', 'frogmen') and condemning the worst ('rant', 'snub', 'sirs'). It will be a 'must-read' 'page-turner' that may 'cause a stir', 'fuel controversy', or even 'spark' 'tough new rules' in newsrooms.


great joy from Robert Hutton's Romps, Tots and Boffins. Never has the weird language of headlines been so wittily defined. --Libby Purves, 'books of the year', The Times; Robert Hutton...has set himself up as the Dr Johnson of this strange, widely read, hardly spoken, language. --Matthew Engel, Financial Times; I'm loving a little book just out by my fellow political journalist Rob Hutton. It's called Romps, Tots and Boffins: The Strange Language of News but is so much more than a hilarious compendium of the ghastly cliche to which our trade is prone. --Matthew Parris, The Times; An essential guide to finding out what you are reading about. Some people may dismiss this as a 'loo book' but, actually, it's so much more. --Ann Treneman, The Times; A right romp --Paul Dietrich, The Metro; A fascinating code-breaker of the cliches, inanities and banalities which fill our newspapers. Or, if you prefer, 'News Secrets Revealed Leaving Bosses Shamefaced'. I'm not sure I dare write another word. --Nick Robinson; Finally, I understand what my fellow journalists are writing about. --Simon Hoggart; Long journey to Lib Dem Conference enlivened by Robert Hutton's journalese book, Romps, Tots + Boffins - hilarious, wonderful, + very true - a mini classic --Andrew Sparrow, Guardian Politics blogger; Very funny new book by Robert Hutton - Romps, Tots + Boffins: the strange language of news - a must-read page-turner --Iain Martin, former editor of the Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday; For readers, it promises to explain what journalists really mean. And for journalists, it also provides a guide to some of the hackneyed, arcane and cliched phrases that are probably best avoided. --Axegrinder, Press Gazette; an amusing dictionary of arcane hack-speak --Michael Deacon, The Telegraph; The world of journalism was rocked to its foundations last night as a top newsman claimed to have discovered the secret of 'journalese'. --John Rentoul, The Independent

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300 pagina's
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Robert Hutton Robert Hutton
Robert Hutton
Elliott & Thompson

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The Strange Language of News
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