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  • juli 2013
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Samhain, the ancient Gaelic term for the pagan harvest celebration has morphed in what we now know as Halloween. Major features of the holiday include costume parties in which guests portray historical figures or character types–the skimpier and sexier the costume the more fun the party.

Gene is all decked out in his gladiator costume ready for a wild party at his friend Jim's house on the Intracoastal Waterway. Jim is rumored to be into Satanism and witchcraft so Gene is not surprised by the larger than life-sized statue of Lucifer in the foyer. More disconcerting is the miniature replica of the devil which appears at various times as Gene enjoys the pleasures of sex with a female who turns out to be a shemale, her straight male lover, a lesbian with a strap-on dildo, her female lover, and an oversexed young twink among the assortment of guests.

Gene drinks a lot but doesn't do drugs so the confusion he faces as he's brought before the Satanic statue is inexplicable; but the pain he is impaled on the Horned One's large hard appendage is undeniable. His mystification increases over the next few days as Gene learns the significance of his fellow guests' costumes, the implications of his own garb, and the true nature of the Samhain events.

Kiki Howell, an established erotic paranormal author has this to say about Samhain: "But, as I continued to read, the tale got increasingly darker, which being a big fan of Halloween, I found myself slinking down in my chair much like I do when the scary music from a horror film comes on. This was not so much because I felt it was going to be scary, but as the tone deepened and the images became more demonic, I was bracing for what was to come which was heightened by his constant entwining of the paranormal and the erotic elements.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language, m/m sex, multiple sex partners, and satanic sex.

Seriously Reviewed

'' creepy as it was arousing. The sex is gritty and raw... very fast paced. This isn't for the timid. It pushes the limit in sex and storytelling. It's evil and arousing. If you like it rough and creepy, it's just what you want in a Halloween story.''

Sally Sapphire, Siren Book Reviews, 4/5 SIREN STONES

''... an intensely sexual story... hot and varied, with a little something to appeal to just about every kink... the writing is strong... those who approach it with the right expectations certainly will not be disappointed''

Claudia R., Manic Readers Reviews

''The sex was hot...If you want a quick read that is full of alternative sex with she-males, statues, and a whole collection of people, I would give this story a try and see if it quenches your appetite.''



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Kenn Dahll

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