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  • maart 2005
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In September 2002, twenty-one prominent Catholic and Protestant scholars released the groundbreaking document ''A Sacred Obligation,'' which includes ten statements about Jewish-Christian dialogue focused around a guiding claim: ''Revising Christian teaching about Judaism and the Jewish people is a central and indispensable obligation of theology in our time.'' Following the worldwide reception of their document, the authors have expanded their themes into Seeing Judaism Anew. The essays in this volume offer a conceptual framework by which Christians can rethink their understanding of the church's relationship to Judaism and show how essential it is that Christians represent Judaism accurately, not only as a matter of justice for the Jewish people, but also for the integrity of Christian faith.

By linking New Testament scholarship to the Shoah, Christian liturgical life, and developments in the church, this volume addresses the important questions at the heart of Christian identity, such as: Are only Christians saved? Why did Jesus die? Why is Israel so important to Jews, and what should we think about the conflict in the Middle East? How is Christianity complicit in the Holocaust? What is important about Jesus being a Jew?


This book is written with spare understatement and great restraint, yet it makes a major statement and packs real theological power. The various essays systematically redress the past excesses and cruel distortions in Christian treatments of Judaism and articulate a respectful, honorable relationship between the two faiths. This book should be read by every Christian who wants to complete the great moral revolution of the past century which is turning Christianity into a true Gospel of Love for Jews and Judaism. The book should be read by all Jews of good will as well, for it is a source of hope and trust for a future of partnership and pluralism between the two faiths. -- Rabbi Irving Greenberg, President, Jewish Life Network/Steinhardt Foundation and author of For the Sake of Heaven and Earth: The New Encounter between J By linking New Testament scholarship to the Shoah, Christian liturgical life, and developments in the church, this volume addresses the important questions at the heart of Christian identity. * Theology Digest * One of the most positive and constructive developments in religion in recent years has been the serious effort by scholars to rethink and reorient relations between Christians and Jews, and in the process to reconsider their own histories and theological traditions. Written by leading Catholic and Protestant figures, the essays in this volume show what can be learned from historical study and what new opportunities and challenges lie ahead. There is no better resource for understanding the progress made thus far in this noble effort and why the project is so important and promising.

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320 pagina's
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Adobe ePub
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Norman Beck Rosann Catalano
Rosann Catalano
Mary C. Boys
Sheed & Ward

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Christianity's Sacred Obligation
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