Auteur: Brett Chatz
Uitgever: Xlibris
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781413461954
  • oktober 2004
  • 237 pagina's
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For Ronit Levy, leaving Israel appears to be the only way of escaping her ex-boyfriend's unrelenting barrage of assaults. Reconciliation is totally out of the question. She desperately yearns for a lasting inner-peace, a peace without further threat of emotional anguish. However, her psychopathic ex-lover, John Rothman, is determined to exact his bloody revenge on the only woman who ever walked out on him. In his drugged state, he concocts a sadistic plan to bring closure to the matter. With her disabled brother entrusted into the care of a family friend, Ronit leaves for her new post in Tal Basta, Egypt. The Al-Radah-Corporation, a pharmaceutical monolith, is Ronit's sanctuary; a place where she can develop her career and put the pieces of her shattered life back together.

The tranquility of her new surroundings coupled with the gracious company of her colleague, Casey Rolf, help to put things into perspective. For a short time, she enjoys the relative calm of life in modern day Egypt. As an assistant to the leading research scientists at the facility, Ronit quickly settles into a routine. However, things soon take a dramatic twist. With an iron curtain enshrouding the research department´s projects, and a ubiquitous armed guard presence outside the laboratories, Ronit begins to question the nature of the activities at the corporation.

Quite unexpectedly, during one of her investigative exploits, she stumbles upon a harrowing plot of unimaginable evil. Forced into a deadly game of cat and mouse, she must outwit her assailants every step of the way. From the terrifying darkness of the laboratory, to the heart wrenching chase scenes along the catwalks, Ronit must avoid detection by a cold-blooded murderer. In the sinister world of the Al-Radah-Corporation, where the scientists have carte-blanche to overstep the boundaries of acceptable ethical conduct, it is up to her to stand her ground. Against this backdrop of treachery, and the perversion of medical science, Ronit fears the worst is yet to come.

She must convince her cynical ally, Casey Rolf, of her suspicions, but even he has a startling confession to make. In an adrenalin-loaded race against the clock, the story tracks the shocking discoveries of Ronit Levy and Casey Rolf. Their nerve-racking pursuits, filled with extraordinary twists and turns, are an endeavor to discover the macabre truth lurking beneath the veneer of the multinational corporation. With imminent disaster of unprecedented proportions about to unfold, the duo risk life and limb, in an all-out effort to dismantle the enemy operation. A neo-fascist research department gone berserk: a place where narcissism and megalomania reign supreme - a place called the Al-Radah-Corporation. Terror has a new playground, come and see for yourself…



oktober 2004
Aantal pagina's
237 pagina's


Brett Chatz


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