Sewing for Absolute Beginners Essentials and Tools You Need Before Start Sewing

Auteur: Rene Milligan
Taal: Engels
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781548819392
  • juli 2017
  • 28 pagina's
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Sewing For Absolute Beginners: Essentials And Tools You Need Before Start Sewing

Sewing is not only a task; it is a skill as well as a fun-filled activity. Those who are interested in sewing, always mention lots of pleasure, while sewing. Like any other skill, sewing needs practice and detailed devotion. This devotion is possible only when you have knowledge about the skill so that you match up your knowledge with appropriate practice. Sewing demands fondness and a careful behavior for each and every detail.

In this book, the focus is upon the preliminary information and basic knowledge. So rather than focusing on the eventual task of sewing this book will help you to take the first step towards this skill. Sewing is a diverse field, making use of a number of various equipment, tools, and techniques. So for a beginner, it is highly essential to start with the knowledge of all these areas. This book will provide you the complete account of this basic knowledge.

The important points which are prescribed in this book will relate to the following highlighting issues, which are mentioned with an aim to provide you the basic knowledge about sewing before you can really start it up.
  • Some introductory points about sewing, narrating the need for gaining knowledge about this skill.
  • The account of information related to various equipment and tools used for sewing, including the measurement tools, cutting tools and general sewing tools.
  • An account of information related to various categories of sewing machines and the basic parts of a machine.
  • The discussion about various types of threads available for different sewing tasks.

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juli 2017
Aantal pagina's
28 pagina's



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Essentials and Tools You Need Before Start Sewing

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