Sex After Sixty a French guide to loving intimacy

Taal: Engels
Sex After Sixty
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781925228700
  • november 2016
  • 208 pagina's
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Marie de Hennezel

Marie de Hennezel is a clinical therapist and the author of ten previous books, including the international bestseller Intimate Death. She is the recipient of the Legion of Honor, the highest honorary decoration in France. She lives in Paris.


In Sex After Sixty, Marie de Hennezel addresses the most taboo of subjects: the sexuality of seniors.

Employing an equal measure of modesty and irreverence, de Hennezel probes the mystery and depth of the enjoyment of physical love at a later stage of life. Through interviews, lectures, and her own analysis — including forays into areas such as tantric sex — she invites the reader on a journey to the heart of this unrecognised territory.

It turns out that emotional intimacy plays a huge role in maintaining a sex life as you age. The quality of a relationship obviously matters a lot in being able to take your time, trust your partner, and explore a sexuality that's more sensual and more playful than that of earlier years. It's all about knowing how to take pleasure as it comes, rather than focussing on what could be … This is what characterises a less impulsive, but more erotic, sexuality. And it's not less satisfying, either. Far from it.


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