Sex & Love
Auteur: Johan Wassenaar
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781493593200
  • november 2013
  • 192 pagina's
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In Columbus Donna manages the company after marrying Dan. Her focus is on the Cavalia Odysseo project, aimed to pack into two hours what Cavalia accomplished in three. Dressage trainer, Jennifer helps to design a real-time presentation system for the show managers.Veronica warns Dan Monica remains under the spell of sex bondage expert Joe Green and tells Robert to take her into his arms. She disappears. Dan finds her unconscious in Green’s torture chamber and rushes her to the medical facility in his hotel. She is injured, but the psychological impact is enormous. Dan cancels all service obligations for Robert to refocus her on the show material in Zumanity to improve the sexual scenes in a Montreal-made video.Dan gets a glimpse of Jennifer’s personality. Focused on training dressage horses the breakup with her lover breaks her heart. They meet Philippe at their training barn. Jennifer responds in fluent French. With impeccable riding skill Dan wonders how she could suffer from low self-esteem. Dan and Peter comple their purpose at the barn to attend a meeting in Montreal with Cirque du Soleil to make the Zumanity audience think they are seeing sexual intercourse. They sent an anthropology professor to try using pornographic actors which Dan opposes. We have to train their actors to feign having sex as we will show you in a training movie using real sex to help them playact the parts.Dan and Morgan find property on pristine Lac Tremblant suitable for use as a Crèche to harbor a small children’s summer camp. The excursion is like a honeymoon for Morgan breaking her demeaning bonds to sexual slavery.Donna discovers Monica going wild visiting John Meeker at his apartment. Under pressure she admits to three shady friends of his forcing her. Their company is owned by a board member of a large engineering firm. Dan coerces them into making significant restitution payments. The three men visit Robert’s apartment. as their leader produces a hand gun, Robert kills him with a single pistol shot. With Monica's mother Dan visits repentant Monica who breaks down swearing never to stray again. Still recovering from her rape injuries in Green’s torture chamber she realizes that without birth control she would now be pregnant with Dan’s child. Deep down she relishes it.Donna gets the Odysseo group to solidify plans to acquire enough dressage horses for the American opening in Scottsdale. Barçelona trainer Xavier joins Jennifer at her barn. Impressed by her stallion, he suggests subtle ways to dramatically improve his performance. She realizes that her life would dramatically improve by mothering Dan’s children as she and Xavier rent a barn in Ventura County to train the horses for the Scottsdale show.Tony Patullio tells Veronica they had found Joe Green’s corps in a landfill. Dan flies to Las Vegas and gets the Sheriff to meet them at Tony’s office. It becomes clear the Sheriff didn’t know that the body was Joe Green’s and he takes Tony into custody. Looking at the body it was clear that he had died from a single blow to the side of his skull.Dan interrogates Robert to acknowledge killing Green after he snuck into the rehearsal studio, grabbed Monica to have intercourse with him in a way that only a sex slave would allow. As he begins leading her away, Dan strikes him with a powerful blow to the side of his head. They dispose of the body in a dumpster.Dan tells them to disappear through Yellowstone into other wilderness areas until it was safe to come home to Columbus. The Sheriff informs Veronica that they had taken an Arabian Sheik into custody who had offered Tony $5 million to deliver Monica to him as an addition to his harem in Abu Dhabi. Dan befriends the District Attorney using his influence on the Cirque du Soleil board to bring kidnapping charges against Tony Patullio and three Mafia shareholders in the casino company. Dan’s challenge was to persuade her not to spend her funds on investigating the death of Joseph Green.



november 2013
Aantal pagina's
192 pagina's



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