Single Dad's Survival Guide For Re-Connecting with Your Kids & Moving on with Life After Divorce (the Single Parents' Survival Guide Book 1)

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Single Dad's Survival Guide
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  • juni 2016
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The Single Dads Survival Guide for Re-Connecting with Your Kids and Moving on with Life After Divorce Are you a single dad? Recently or currently going through a divorce? The only thing worse than divorce is death and many times a divorce feels worse, especially when there are kids involved. This is a book of resources for the single dad. As a single dad of four sons I wrote this book to help the single dad not only survive but thrive and re-connect with their kids and move on with life after divorce. Life is filled with problems, this book is filled with solutions. I'm not a Psychologist, Doctor or Shrink but I am a single dad and I have stood where you stand. I have been in your shoes and felt your pain. I've dealt with all of the feelings of loneliness, hopelessness, despair, pain, misery, blame and guilt a divorce can throw at you and I'm here to tell you that you can not only survive but thrive and rebound successfully with the resources and tips I share in this book. What do you do when your ex-wife cleans out your checking and savings account? What do you do when you have to move because the court orders it? What do you do when there is not enough money to pay your bills? What do you do when you can't see your kids or you have a vacation trip planned with them and at the last minute someone decides for you that you can't take them? The purpose of this e-book is not to go into the statistics of how divorce negatively affects future generations. We'll assume the reader is aware of those statistics. There are tons of books and studies that showcase these awful stats, but that is not my purpose here. Instead this e-book is a roadmap and a tool kit for your very survival. But not just for your survival for you to have a blueprint to thrive. I designed this book to give you the practical and actionable solutions dads can take action on to see improvement in their children's lives this week There are a ton of resources on the market for women and a few good ones for men. I wanted to give men a simple, practical and profound resource to help them get back on their feet again and thrive. This book is a work in progress. We'll be expanding it fully to a print book Father's Day 2016 and there will be many bonus resources, interviews and extras at I am thankful for the mentors I've had throughout my life. Without mentors we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past and slip into regression. You will hear me mention several mentors throughout this book. Some I mention by their actual name, other times, because of the sensitive nature of their work and the ugliness of divorce, their names are changed. To my 4 sons, I did my best, I love you guys and I'm proud of who you've become Antonio, "I had just gone through a divorce and a major custody battle, I spent all of my money and my energy and I was exhausted. The tips you shared with me gave me my confidence and my self-esteem back. Me and my son thank you for the practical advice in this book " Thank you for checking out this book. Because you found this book or someone shared it with you, no doubt, you need quick solutions, answers and practical tips on how to land on your feet and make life good again. You are NOT Alone According to Bloomberg there were 2.4 million divorces last year leaving 1.2 million men single. Not only are you NOT alone but there is a growing number of single dads. As I write this book my parents just celebrated fifty-one years of marriage. They are more in love now than ever. Proud dad to Mike, Matt, Josh & Jer and proud Poppy to Brighton Lane America's Book Launch Expert - Author - Publisher We help people publish their books and e-books. We help authors and speakers sell more books so they can charge more for speaking and consulting. New York Dallas Los Angeles Sydney Copyright (c) 2015 by Michael D. Butler, Sr."



juni 2016
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For Re-Connecting with Your Kids & Moving on with Life After Divorce (the Single Parents' Survival Guide Book 1)
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