Sisters Friends & Lovers
Auteur: Eisha Coutee
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781448623426
  • november 2009
  • 286 pagina's
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"Sisters Friends and Lovers." 103,670 words, by Eisha Coutee', is a realistic fictional story revolving around Evie Carter, her best friends, and their journey to find balance between self love, life, and relationships. Evie Carter, better known as "Fashion Queen" and backbone to both, her family and friends tends to always say all the right things. She's inspiring and motivating to everyone around her, including her ten-year old adopted son. She's an aspiring writer with dreams of one day landing a major book deal, and a struggling entrepreneur with hopes of finding true love in her very near future. Yvonne is Evie's girlfriend of over ten years. She has more baby daddy drama than the law should allow, and a case of Multiple Sclerosis that sends her on the most never ending emotional, and physical roller coaster of her life. Sasha is Evie's busiest friend. She's the perfect soccer mom, internet business connoisseur/photographer/dance instructor. It's a wonder why she suspects her husband of five years is cheating on her with a younger Asian woman! Roquel has been on the brink of divorce ever since the day after she got married to the father of her child. She's never been in love with any man as much as she finds herself in love with her lover of over ten years. Hint: He's not the same man she's married to! And last but not least, there's Babie, Evie's younger sister who can't seem to find a man of her own. She seems to be walking around with a sign on her forehead advertising…"I only date men who are not available!"

The five women appear to be going through life revolving round and round in the same never ending cycle of love come quick disasters. They seem to keep falling out of love as quickly as they stumble into it, while trying to conjure up reasons to leave, reasons to stay, or most importantly, reasons to come to their common senses. Their individual roller coaster rides through love's crazy cycles seem to take them on ups, downs, twists, and turns that are none the less, inevitable, but undesirable all the same. Evie is approaching thirty faster than you can say happy birthday, and the pressure is on. She believes she's got her groove back with a twenty-two year old NFL rookie who sells her the dream of being the mother of his first born and the wife with the house and the white picket fence. But as the new season progresses, he begins to get big headed and shows his true colors, which breaks Evie to pieces. Yvonne's baby daddy ends up in jail for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, leaving her yet again stranded and helpless in her duty as mother to their son. He can't seem to hold a job for chasing hoop dreams that he won't commit to long enough to make anything become of them. Sasha has everything under control, except for her mystery of a husband who finds excuses to stay out all night, every night. Roquel is in a dangerous love triangle that can only end in a love suicide or divorce, and, Babie has still got a lot to learn about the whole relationship thing.

Either way, these women, though different in many ways, are all similar in their desire to rekindle the dream that true love really does exist, and the reinstatement in their faith to achieve their individual divine destinies. Finally, life altering decisions have to be made by each of them, which inescapably end in divorce, growing closer together, accomplished dreams, and new additions to an already existing family, but for one of them, it's back to square one, the beginning of a brand new love affair. Self love.



november 2009
Aantal pagina's
286 pagina's



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