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Six essential soft skills of indispensable assistants


how PA personal development will secure your position

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  • Engelstalig
  • 285 pagina's
  • 9789492371089
  • juli 2016
  • EPUB met digitaal watermerk
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Are you an Indispensable Assistant? Six Core Soft Skills for Indispensable AssistantsDo you suffer from lack of recognition while being an amazing Assistant?Do you want to be more confident and reap benefits of a strong sense of pride?Have you lost your balance in life and sacrificed most of your private life to your profession?This personal development series for New Generation Assistants is the instant booster for your soft skills and confidence. We are finally breaking free from the old-school image of secretaries and the invisible back office staffer. We now live in a fast-moving digital world that has no international boundaries. Multiple employers, economic struggles and cutthroat competition has made New Generation Assistants adapt to moving business structures, complex managerial duties, changing technical provisions, multilevel teams and 24/7 information flows. Assistants now are masters of change. More than ever before, assistants are magicians of making things happen. We filter a universe of options in a split second and make informed decisions. We lead, we manage: we are stepping out of the shadows!To be and do all that you need a stealth mode personality core. The beauty, the value and the qualities of the New Generation Assistants are hidden in the person behind our profession. Who you are on the inside, what you think and what you value are the driving forces. What determines your results is defined by your mindset. How you act in crisis situations is enforced by what makes your own persona stand out. Your mindset is the multiplier of your skills.We are moving away from the knowledge age and entering the creativity era. A transition that will define a new world, bottom up. Are you fit and ready to face the transformation? Are you properly equipped to lay the groundwork for the next generation of assistants to thrive?What will you learn in this handbook?- How PA Personal development will secure your position- How adopting W.A.N.T.E.D. soft skills will make you prosper in life, business and personal- How you can reposition yourself to become the to-go needed Assistant- How to find the perfect PA balance in your busy life- Why this book is a celebration and a beautiful beginning of the Personally Awesome you! This book is just the beginning!The movement has started, waiting for new leaders to show how it's done. Taking the stage are the qualities of self-awareness, self-management and self-development. They will enforce your sense of self-belief and confidence. What matters most will have to come from who you are inside. Assistants have the image of being 'leaders from behind'. Becoming an equal partner at the leaders' table is our next move.Join the force and groom yourself to fit the role. Technical qualities never have been a challenge to us, if needed we can master anything. It's our ultimate service mind, our willingness to get things done and be there for others that determine our value. Introducing W.A.N.T.E.D. soft skills will make it all tangible for you to get started on this exciting journey. You will learn to acknowledge yourself first, find your Unique Super Powers and incorporate them in your daily routine. It's a soul-searching road of incredible discoveries and the source of new plans and ambitions. When Assistants excel, others benefit!Take the first step to find out what makes you a Personally Awesome Assistant and make it work in your favor. They say Assistants are dispensable, we know it's not true. If you are strong at core and master the W.A.N.T.E.D. skills you will become an indispensable Assistant to those that cherish and acknowledge your value. Be ready and willing to highlight what makes you look good. What's your battle cry?Grab your copy TODAY and start your journey to become Indispensable Assistant!

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Anna Tjumina
Met illustraties
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EPUB met digitaal watermerk
juli 2016

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