A Story of Our Times
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Auteur: Nicci Gerrard

Uitgever: Short Books Ltd

  • Engels
  • 126 pagina's
  • Short Books Ltd
  • New title
  • juli 2004
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One damp evening in August, two little girls went missing. For two weeks, the entire country was transfixed by their disappearance, and a shrine grew in the village where they lived. Then their naked bodies were found in a nettlefilled ditch and the caretaker of the local school was charged with their murder, his girlfriend with conspiracy. Sixteen months later, after a trial filled with unbearable detail, Ian Huntley was found guilty of murder; Maxine Carr of perverting the course of justice. The case was a detective story and a sinister fairy tale rolled into one, a narrative of loss, horror and collective mourning, a myth which seemed to tell us something about the way we live now, and the fears we all hold. Nicci Gerrard, who sat through the entire trial, asks what we can learn from Soham, why we care so much, and whether our intense empathy actually shuts us off from other less dramatic events.

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Auteur Nicci Gerrard
Taal Engels
Oorspronkelijke titel Soham: A Story of Our Times
Afmetingen 17x198x129 mm
Gewicht 222,00 gram
ISBN10 1904095925
ISBN13 9781904095927

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