Soul Silence

A Unique Approach to Mastering the 11th Step
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Soul Silence
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  • november 2010
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For many people in recovery—whether newcomers or veterans with years in the program—the 11th Step (seeking through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God . . .) can prove confusing and elusive. What
exactly does it mean to pray and meditate? How does one go about making conscious contact with a Power greater than oneself? What does one do if he or she is not religious? Soul Silence: A Unique Approach to Mastering the 11th Step outlines a comprehensive program that answers these questions and offers clear definitions and instructions for prayer and meditation, teaching you how to listen within for spiritual insights that are key to ongoing sobriety and abstinence. Part guidebook, part memoir, Soul Silence is written by Peter Amato, M.A., a meditation master and psychotherapist with sixteen years of sobriety. His tried-and-true approach to prayer and meditation is the cornerstone of his Inner Harmony Workshops, which have helped thousands of men and women develop a new understanding of the 11th Step, recommit to their recovery, and enjoy lives filled with peace, passion, and purpose.

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Auteur Peter Amato
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 18x216x140 mm
Gewicht 408,00 gram
ISBN10 0757315305
ISBN13 9780757315305

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Categorieën Gezondheid en psychologie > Persoonlijke ontwikkeling en zelfhulp > Meer persoonlijke ontwikkeling & zelfhulp
Type boek Boek
Verschijningsjaar 2010
Bindwijze Paperback

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