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  • 9781301860371
  • oktober 2013
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How can you eat as much as you desire, while staying slim and attractive for life, enjoying good health and youthful vitality? How can you regain your good health and maintain it indefinitely? How can you prolong your life as much as you desire? These are essential questions, and you should always know the answers. You should be able to lose weight and maintain good health easily since your body and mind can remain proper and fit, as long as they are not harmed or unbalanced. And even when they are harmed or unbalanced, your body and mind can still recover on their own, to offer you good health, vitality, and a beautiful appearance.

Yes, but what can you do? Because you have tried it all and you still gain weight, you feel weak many times, depressed, and you even get sick. Is it your fault? Then why does it happen to everybody? Why is everybody sick, weak, tired, overweight, wrinkled, on stimulants, on medication, and on all drugs? Why can you not remain healthy indefinitely, the way you should, and the way your body and mind are supposed to offer? Because many times, your body and mind remain affected indefinitely, and they cannot recover. And now, in order for you to have your good health, vitality, happiness, and good appearance, you have to find out what harms your body and mind, you find out what keeps them unbalanced, and you cure or solve that.

…What exactly do you find and cure? These main causes. …Because throughout life, and throughout the world, you have causes generating effects generating causes generating effects and so on in very large lines of causality, and this is why you have to find these first causes, the main problems generating the entire line of causality interfering with your health, vitality, looks, feelings, and bodily shape. Otherwise, you end up solving effects and symptoms but not main causes, these keep manifesting, and your mind and body are doomed to remain unhealthy, weak, and unattractive indefinitely. …And people live life in this manner, and many times, people die for these main causes, for these hidden, ignored, or unidentified main causes. …And these main dreadful causes are many, found in all domains of life and society.

There are many factors affecting your health, feelings, and appearance, factors that are many times extrinsic in nature, originating in Society for example, or in Finance, Science, Agriculture, Business, Education, Politics, Entertainment and so on, to cause you to get sick today, and to make you feel weak, tired, old, and overweight. …Yet it is not enough to avoid these extrinsic harmful factors while attempting to maintain your health and vitality, since as you notice, you have to know everything about the human mind, body, health, nutrition, fitness, life, Science, and Society in order to lose weight, stay in shape, and lead a healthy life. …And you have to summate this knowledge in a comprehensive model for the human health, feelings, reasoning, behavior, meaning, appearance, and wellbeing, which is exactly what you find in this book and throughout this entire book series.

This book teaches you everything about health, nutrition, and fitness to help you remain slim, healthy, vigorous, happy, vibrant, and attractive throughout life. You may learn about all problems and illnesses in health and nutrition, and how to avoid them. If you are searching for the perfect program and lifestyle offering you health, good looks, fitness, youth, and vitality, this book is for you.



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Valentin Matcas Valentin Matcas
Valentin Matcas
Valentin Matcas
Smashwords Edition

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