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Step Into The Light provides hope for anyone frustrated with a lack of answers for their symptoms, conditions and repetitive life challenges. Do you experience unexplainable fears; feelings of grief, anger or shame; addictions; relationship challenges; anxiety or depression; burnout or chronic health conditions? These are some of the ways that descendants carry transgenerational trauma for their ancestors. Step Into The Light is the third in a series of books called Transforming the Transgenerational Trauma of Your Family Tree. The book reflects on ways to recognize transgenerational trauma and body focused systemic ways to transform and heal it, so that it doesn't have to pass down to your children and grandchildren. Step Into The Light reflects upon how to recognize the transgenerational trauma you might be carrying for your parents, grandparents and ancestors, and provides body focused ways to address it. If you repeatedly explore different medical treatments, therapies or alternative healing techniques, yet remain stuck in life in some way; there is a strong likelihood that you are entangled with someone or something in your family system that is emotionally unresolved. My family system had plenty of transgenerational trauma to address and yours might too. War, immigration, displacement, family tragedy, birth trauma, adoption, exclusion or religious persecution are some of the transgenerational trauma experiences that transmit from generation to generation. Silence is a profound carrier of transgenerational trauma in many family systems. If you know very little about your ancestors, then the transgenerational trauma has been silenced. Family secrets or traumatizing experiences that are silenced take on a life of their own. They live on in the unconscious body of family members waiting to be addressed. The impact on living generations becomes more powerful with each generation of silence. This book covers an array of transgenerational trauma topics, including many that are often rendered taboo by families and societies. Our ancestors didn't have access to the knowledge about systemic healing that we are developing today. What the ancestors suppressed emotionally, going on stoically as if everything was fine, may be a template for your life. Any transgenerational trauma or inherited trauma that you don't address may be passed down to your children and grandchildren through their preconception, prenatal, perinatal and postnatal emotional experiences; epigenetically; through collective memory or culturally in the cells of their body. Most of you carry either subtle or blatant unresolved family emotional wounds or trauma as energetic entanglements and it may be holding you back in life. You may be surprised to learn that you unconsciously sacrificed yourself out of love and loyalty for your greater family system to carry a wound, trauma or imbalance that needed to be acknowledged, addressed and healed. This book covers topics such as systemic healing, creating healthy energy boundaries with the living and the dead, mothers and daughters, and controversial subjects such as patriarchy, incest, cancer and residential schools. In the fast moving, highly technological world of today, we need to develop healthy emotional response patterns and ways to quickly work through our emotional challenges and the issues we carry for our ancestors. This book provides examples of transgenerational trauma and systemic healing for the walking wounded, all the healers and helpers of the world, the victims and perpetrators, the colonized and colonizers, genealogists who continue to search and the many clients and patients who go from one practitioner to another searching for answers. Step Into The Light was written for you and I, and for our children and grandchildren. Through the book, there is integration of the insight found through systemic and family constellations, emphasizing the need for energetic body focused systemic healing approaches.

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Exploring Systemic Healing, Inherited Emotional Genealogy, Entanglements, E
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