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  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781476299624
  • juni 2012
  • Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)
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The Lost Chronicles hits home with the teenage genius search for truth in all of us.

Ernest Hemingway's first wife lost a suitcase full of prized manuscripts on a trip home from Paris. These missing stories were never to be seen again. Who knows what literary classics that suitcase may have contained?

In the imagination of this author have been found those missing memoirs—a series of twelve exciting adventures, with more to come, found by way of ''biographic fantasy noir.'' ''The Lost Chronicles of Young Ernest Hemingway'' unveil his earliest, most fascinating adventure stories, and monologues read like eaves-dropping while he unloads in his priest's confessional booth.The author imagines what the childhood and teenage life of Ernest Hemingway in Petoskey must have been like.

Young Ernest Hemingway is 11-years-old. Surrounded by a slew of sisters, an overbearing mother, and a timid father, Ernest finds companionship with the children in the Native Tribes of the region, which leads to an interesting summer full of lessons.

This stylish series of young adult novels reveals literary merit, fine design, and strong kid-relevance. Filled with unbridled Victorian romance, adventure, betrayal, parent-sibling drama, and tribal temptations tastefully presented like a cathartic, primal glimpse into one, very troubled, sub-conscious.

History comes alive in these historical adventure stories!

''The Lost Chronicles of Young Ernest Hemingway'' is indeed the perfect platform on which to expose those early, deeply gnarled roots of America's most analyzed, literary bad boy.



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David Wyant
Smashwords Edition

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