Stop Giving Away Your Power: Faith The Antidote For Life Challenges Faith the Antidote for Life Challenges

Stop Giving Away Your Power: Faith The Antidote For Life Challenges
Auteur: Marieline J-J
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781530197569
  • februari 2016
  • 94 pagina's
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Are you confuse?Do you feel as if your prayers are not being answered?You feel stuck and frustrated and you want answers.Well, you're not alone...In this book you'll discover:• Why you feel lost and alone• Why you feel powerless• Why you remain in situations that own youYou will also learn that:• You have more power than you have been lead to believe. • You are not weak; you are powerful…created by a powerful God. Once you begin to realize your God given power…your life will never be the same. Ask God to train your ears to hear His voice and your eyes to see Him. You will be surprise where you will see God’s face. It’s usually in the unexpected places, people and things, that’s usually where God is. He’s usually in plain sight, but since we have been train by this society about what to consider as good or bad, then we fail to see God even when He is staring right at us. We need to begin to open our hearts and begin to learn to see good in everything, because even though we are not worthy, God always sees the good in us. It’s us who can’t seem to see our worth and the worth of our brothers and sisters. No matter what we do, God continues to love us and He continues to call us His children. We are beautiful to Him; He will always love us now and always. Keep an open mind. It might even serve you well if you do a prayer before reading this book, asking God to fill you with His wisdom so you will be able to hear His voice through these words. God speaks to us in so many ways, but for us to hear His voice, we must be willing to listen. The God that was here from the beginning, the one who made so many miracles is the same God today. He has not change. Who knows, maybe the reason you were drawn to this particular book and the reason you are reading these words is because God drew you to it because of something you may be going through right now, or you may be in need of some sign that will tell you that God heard your prayer, this may be it. There may be something in this book that God wants you to see, this may be one of His ways of answering your prayer. I can’t tell you the amount of times that I felt the urge to simply pick up a book that at other times I probably would not pay attention to. Once I begin to read, I’m always surprised by the words that were written. I am still amaze when these things happen because, on many occasions, it felt as if those words were written for me. I stop believing in luck and coincidences. I’ve had enough experiences over the years to realize that God uses what we humans call coincidences or synchronicities to communicate with us. I hope that each of you who pick up this book is bless by the contents. I also hope that God bless each of you and guide you in your spiritual path. May your faith grow in Him each day of your life and may God continues to enrich you with His continued love and most of all His grace, which is all we need.



februari 2016
Aantal pagina's
94 pagina's



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