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Bindwijze: Paperback


Auteur: Mark Hampshire  & Keith Stephenson

Co-auteur: Keith Stephenson

Uitgever: Rotovision

  • Engels
  • 256 pagina's
  • Rotovision
  • illustrated edition
  • augustus 2006
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Communicating with Pattern: Stripes is a stunning collection of striped design from the world's of textiles, fashion, interiors, architecture, graphics, and product and industrial design. This inspirational sourcebook digs below the aesthetic value of pattern to unearth the deeper visual language communicated through patterns. From Adidas trainers to City pin-stripes and share-dealer's shirts, from barcodes to football kits, stripes signify identity, membership, belonging and allegiance - the old school tie , the Stars and Stripes and military rankings - but they can also be fun, bright, childlike and bold eg: toothpaste, circus tents and candy canes. In art, stripes stimulate the eye in the work of Jasper Johns, Bridget Riley and Mark Rothko, while in fashion they can be both formal and rebellious - witness brands as diverse as John Paul Gaultier, Mary Quant, Gucci and Paul Smith. Communicating with Pattern: Stripes explores the graphic language of stripes, shows how they can be used to target a market, being both traditional and tribal. It launches a new series for designers from every discipline, which will offer a complete vocabulary of pattern as visual communication.

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Auteur Mark Hampshire, Keith Stephenson
Co-auteur Keith Stephenson
Taal Engels
Oorspronkelijke titel Stripes
Afmetingen 23x160x170 mm
Gewicht 128,00 gram
ISBN10 2940361150
ISBN13 9782940361151

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Categorieën Kunst en cultuur > Kunst > Grafische vormgeving
Verschijningsjaar 2006
Bindwijze Paperback
Type boek Boek

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