Sun Hunting
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  • maart 2007
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SUN. HUNTING To JUAN PONCE DE LEON WHO FOUND IN 1513 THAT FLORIDA WASNT ADI, IT WAS CRACKED UP TO BE BUT WHO LIKED IT WELL ENOUGH TO Go BACK THIS BOOK is APPRECIATIVELY DEDICATED CONTENTS BOOK ONE THE TIME-KILLERS Chapter Page I Of time-killing in the French and English manner and of ancient and modern Ameri can time-slaughterers ., 3 II Of the passage from winter to summer in one days, time and of the habitat of some rare specimens 8 III Of the peculiar differences between two sides of a lake of money odors and of the questers after Charley Schwab .... 13 IV Of the apotheosis of the bicycle of the uses of wheel-chairs and of the mental activities of chair-chauffeurs 18 V Of the telegram-expecters of the date-guessers and of the statistic weevils 22 VI Of the changing of clothes of the way they wear em and of the females of the dress ferret species 26 VII Of the fascinations of the beach of the sand hounds from Odessa and elsewhereand of prudes and stylish stouts 30 VIII Of the Three Day Suckers of true smartness and of the Buckwheats and the dead line 36 IX Of the smartest thing in Palm Beach of large amounts of money and of the Old Guard 41 3C Of those who wish to crash into society and of those who furnish the palpitating society item . . ., 47 CONTENTS Continued Chapter Page XI Of the Alibi Window of the trick flasks and canesof drinkers frail and fat and of one conception of simplicity 50 XII Of nuts in the Coconut Grove of Bradlcys of the relaxation and amusement of the Beach Club-fellows and of gambling in general 55 XIII Of the divergences between Bradlcys and Monte Carlo of the idiosyncrasies of the little white pill-7-of the oddities of fat play ers of time-killing pastimesand of the wis dom of Dionysius the Elder 62 BOOK TWO THE TIN-CANISTERS I Of January in the North of the winter pas times of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walnut and of a penetrating chill 71 II Of a pronounced change of scene of a daring game of chance amid tropical scents and of the gloating of Charles Walnut and Her man Blister 7S IH Of migrants and migrationsof the true sunhunter and his desires and of his uniform, and his fluent assortment of equipment 79 IV Of the Tin-Can Tourists of the World of im migrants, and other unsuperviacd and unso licited visitors, national and local of cheap skates and of the reason why tin-canners do not abound hi Palm Beach 87 V Of portable bungalows of the rheumatic dairy-manof the little ole truck of simple pleasures and low expenditures .... 96 VI Of Mrs. Jarley, the original tin-canner- of the two schools of tin-can thought of the liard boiled bachelor with the condensed outfit and of folk who ride on the backs of their necks . ., 103 CONTENTS Continued Chapter Page VII Of the migrant from Marion of his fears of land at a nickel an acre of sand fleas and sand spurs of loneliness and honeymooners and of the doctor who was run to death no VIII Of the marvelous sitting ability of the tin canners of the parks in which they sit of the horseshoe bugs and the checker and domino beetles of the delicate movements of a celebrated horseshoe tosser and of the International Horseshoe Club . . . 115 3OOK THREE TROPICAL GROWTH I Of the enthusiasm of all growing things in Florida of paw-paws and prospectuses and perfect thirty-fours of fiends in human shapeand of the watchfulness of the na tives for insults 125 II Of hotel rates of mosquitoes and of the outcry against theShipping Board for daring to mention Europe 130 III Of palm-trees of varieties of fish and of fruit and liars and Baton Munchausen ...



maart 2007
Aantal pagina's
216 pagina's
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Kenneth L. Roberts
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