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  • oktober 2017
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Every summer has a story...

Delve deeper into the secret lives and loves of the Camp Juniper Point teens in three romantic spin-off novellas from the acclaimed Young Adult series, Camp Boyfriend. Follow Lauren, Hannah and Trinity in each story as they discover that opening your heart is a risk worth taking.

Sun Kissed contains-

Camp Kiss-
The Camp Kiss That Started It All...
Lauren Carlson, a fourteen-year-old expert on the cosmos, superheroes, and science fiction trivia has a crush on her long time camp friend, Seth. Last summer she'd dreamed about upgrading their relationship to BF/GF status and this year she has a plan... if only her well-meaning cabin mates wouldn't interfere before she's ready. She hasn't even adjusted to her new braces yet, let alone imagined kissing Seth with them. When a dare pushes her out of her comfort zone, will she and Seth rocket out of the friendzone at last? There's only one way to find out...

Camp Christmas
Hannah never meant to be a mean girl - at Camp Juniper Point or at her high school. It just sort of happened during one painful year when her parents split and her life fell apart. Who knew being mad at the world would catapult her to popularity? But since changing the status quo would make her some serious enemies, she's prepared to ride out her time until graduation. That is,until a camp friend calls her on the act during their school ski trip. Will Julian out her to her friends? Or will the guy she once accused of being King of the Nerds make her wish she was a whole lot more like him?

Camp Crush
After Trinity's secret crush was revealed in the most mortifying way possible, she shelved her feelings for a Certain Someone. She has enough problems on her plate getting into an art program and convincing her teachers she's not just a starry-eyed dreamer who likes to paint mythical creatures.She's determined to showcase her serious side by working on a new gazebo at Camp Juniper Point--a project that combines art with a practical use. Except that her former crush is already working on renovating the gazebo. Bad enough he has the mistaken impression she's still crushing on him. But he also has a chip on his shoulder a mile wide. Can Trinity help him set aside their past and share her vision for a lasting legacy at summer camp?



oktober 2017
Ebook formaat
Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)


J.K. Rock
Joanne Rock

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