Swords and Souls, 'fair Folk' Chronicles, Part Three

Swords and Souls, 'fair Folk' Chronicles, Part Three
Auteur: Mangion-Cavarra
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781491235133
  • augustus 2013
  • 344 pagina's
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This epic tale spans three worlds: the mystical Realm of Avalon, where the ‘Fair Folk’ dwell; the supernatural lands of the ‘Underworld’ where the Demon King, Lord Pwyll resides, and the habitual world of men. This modern recount of the captivating tales of King Arthur and his Knights is set in the ancient land of Britain, in the godless times of the fifth century. Who are the ‘Fair Folk’ and how do they observe the World of Men from their mysterious Crystal Castle of Avalon? Why do they withhold their aid to help King Arthur when it seems they are needed the most? Discover the voice of the mysterious ‘Fair Folk’ as the author introduces an ancient mesmerising long forgotten language of these ‘Ancient Ones’ which the reader will find very fascinating and can have a lot of fun learning it. This brilliant re-telling of the timeless tales of King Arthur and his Knights is a "must read." Not only is the text vibrant and fresh, the author breathes new life into the characters and creates a world of harsh, brutal reality and enchanting, mystical sorcery. The epic novel is beautifully detailed, graphically portrayed and the writing is gritty, lyrical and erotic.The bard Rhys will now be King of Rheged, will he keep his pact with King Arthur? The Northern Lords are strong once again and King Arthur hoped that this time he would not be betrayed by the Brotherhood from the North in the momentous battle yet to come, but is he right in his thinking?The Demon Lord of the ‘Underworld’ becomes stronger with the aid of Morgan Le Fay and their combined sorcery. His aim is to manifest in the world of men in physical form. Lord Pwyll knows he must stay hidden from the ‘Fair Folk’ or they will slaughter him but will he succeed to take hold of Lloegres in the name of the diabolical ‘Underworld’? Now with the power of shape shifting Morgan Le Fay cast her spells and took the persona of Queen Guinevere. She has deceitfully slept with her half brother King Arthur and conceived a child in incest. Will Arthur find her, will he ever defeat the evil Queen of ‘Fate and Death’ before his kingdom lay ruin?Who will succeed in the quest for the Grail Cup? Which Knight is pure of heart to seek it and sip from it? Wise Merlin of the ‘Fair Folk’ has foreseen which Knight shall sit upon the ‘Siege Perilous’ but his visions would disturb him greatly. The tale of the Grail Cup has many souls that would seek it, but would the Grail Maiden give them the chance to heal the land of Lloegres? The World of Men it seemed was ever easy to control...This Arthurian, highly gripping legend is like no other, it is all here – love, violence, murder, mystery, betrayal, sorcery, loyalty and enchantments. Good versus evil and light versus darkness bound in a cloak of the frightening supernatural...



augustus 2013
Aantal pagina's
344 pagina's



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