Tales of Victor Lightning Detective Stories for Young and Old

Tales of Victor Lightning
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781935710035
  • september 2012
  • 84 pagina's
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Famed detective, Victor Lightning, solves one crime mystery after another, with wild and humorous action involving quick reflexes and a ready tranquilizer gun-always landing the perpetrator safely in police custody.
Advance Praises:
"I really like how Victor Lightening keeps tranquilizing people. All the characters say super funny things. It's so cool that no matter what place Victor is, he can find a clue. I think kids who like detective stories would like this book."
-Isaac, age 8
"Look out Raymond Chandler. There's a new kid on the block and he actually is a kid. Philip Marlowe meet Victor Lightning, and for readers of noir crime novel adventures meet the boundless energy of young author Erik McShirley.
"Erik's tales of Victor Lightning is an angular, rock-um sock-um tumble down an old-school private eye rabbit hole all delivered from the wild prespective of a new-school child. Talk about a fresh slant on a shop worn genre. The beauty of it all is that you never for a moment forget that it's from the prespective of a young mind churning out gum-shoe exploits. With that firmly in mind there is much to enjoy in Erik's take on things. His spare style gets to the point in a hurry with loads of action usually ending with the bad guy behind bars.
"Erik's tales start at night in the midst of some pivotal action. Not much warm-up: you're thrust directly into the flames. These stories have something of a common rhythm and format in how suspects are introduced, almost as if his stories are meant to be the foundation for a TV crime series script. But the use of language is unlike anything I have read before and there are loads of surprises. The word "BANG," however, does get used quite a bit. Perhaps that's the word that might sum up best what Erik McShirley has delivered at such a young age - a lot of BANG for your reading buck I can't wait to see where both Victor Lightning and Erik wind up over the next few years. Check him out now so you can say you knew him when. Apparently this young author's career has started with a BANG "
-Dan Manas, Filmmaker, BestLightProductions.com
"I think children and adults would like this book because it has comedy and is good clean reading. I love that Victor Lightning is smart and in any situation he can find the solution to the predicament. I think it's great how Erik was able to give each thief his own personality. It's a great story."
-Abby, age 11
"Erik provides an entertaining and exciting story about a detective who values justice and safety for even the criminals he captures by not using a lethal weapon. Victor Lightning is a likeable character who always gets 'his man' and rights the wrong that occurred in each chapter. I enjoyed the humorous remarks of all the characters and the exclamations pronounced with every defining moment, such as the discovery of a clue or the unmasking of the villain.
"The detective adventures of Victor Lightning are right on target for a Dick Tracy style storyline. Erik is able to capture the reader's imagination and guides you through 'seeing' what it is you are reading. A remarkable children's book written by a child, for readers of any age to enjoy "
-Kira Turner, Preschool Teacher
"My friend Erik Mcshirley is a young author with a grasp of life and understanding that he is able to transfer to the written word. I look forward to more of his writing in the future."
-Tug Hawkins, Pharmacist



september 2012
Aantal pagina's
84 pagina's
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